• Walk On Hot Tub Covers

    Walk On Hot Tub Covers

    From end of 2017 till now 2018, What covers do we export most? --Our walk on hot tub covers. How special is it? Because it can withstand whatever heavy or thick snow. We know in Northern Europe, Nortern Canada, there will be extremly cold weather. Snow will get higher than a...Read MoreChat Now
  • Roll Covers For Spa

    Roll Covers For Spa

    ​The Roll Covers for Spa is a User-Friendly cover. It make it much easier for a singer person to control the cover open& closed.Read MoreChat Now
  • Rollable Spa Covers

    Rollable Spa Covers

    The Rollable spa covers are innovative items specially designed for swim spas. It’s an ideal alternative to the traditional covers in the market. It’s a fully structure of foam, supporters and outer protector.Read MoreChat Now
  • Inground Swimming Pool Covers

    Inground Swimming Pool Covers

    ​Taisheng (TSPK) is committed to creating the best inground swimming pool covers available while offering you the best quality, warranty, service and fast delivery.Read MoreChat Now
  • Whirlpool spa Cover

    Whirlpool spa Cover

    Once we had a Sweden customer came to our booth in the Lyon Show in France. He tested our on-displaying cover by climbing on it and walking violently. He became smiling. And later... He asked his 4 partners and also Me to stand on our cover together. Then...he started to...Read MoreChat Now
  • Swimming Pool Covers

    Swimming Pool Covers

    Each swim pool cover we make, as are all of our swimming pool covers, is come out with computer aided design – CAD.Read MoreChat Now
  • Power Hot Tub Cover Lift

    Power Hot Tub Cover Lift

    A best hot tub cover lift would bring you a lot good and convenient. It can save you much effort lifting up the heavy cover.Read MoreChat Now
  • Hot Tub Steps

    Hot Tub Steps

    Taisheng Hot Tub Steps are made of PP raw material. It is a new eco-friendly material, a very good alternative to wood.Read MoreChat Now
  • Hot Tub Protection Bag

    Hot Tub Protection Bag

    Taisheng Hot Tub Protection Bag is intended to be designed as a protection to the whole hot tub.Read MoreChat Now
  • Hard Hot Tub Covers

    Hard Hot Tub Covers

    We are specializing in spa cover for more than 15 years, we have developed our craftsmanship for times, in order to provide customers with the best Spa Cover.Read MoreChat Now
  • Strong Stand On Spa Cover

    Strong Stand On Spa Cover

    We all use virgin foam for our strong stand on spa cover. They are designed to a tapered thickness, generally, 5’’-3’’, 4-3’’ and 4-2’’ in a variety of densities to meet customers’ need. Cover standards will depend based on the climates of your area.Read MoreChat Now
  • Round Hot Tub Cover Lift

    Round Hot Tub Cover Lift

    round hot tub cover lift This round hot tub cover lift is so far the most hot-seller and affordable model in the markets. It is made of Aluminum Alloy with black coating, which is rust-proof and super stable. It looks small and simple, but it can support the heaviest weight...Read MoreChat Now
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