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Our company is located in Huadu District, Guangzhou, (near the Baiyun international airport) China. We are a professional manufacturer of top quality spa cover and other spa accessories. Our factory covering an area of 6200 square meters, has the most advanced equipment automated leather cutting machine, automated three-dimensional foam plate, and quality sewing, stamping equipment. Now we have not only become the largest and most professional spa cover manufacture's supplier in China, we also have established solid relationships with the customers in Europe, America, and the Middle East . We sincerely welcome all kinds of cooperation and opportunities.



  • What Cause The Weak And Low Water Flow For Your Hot Tub? What Cause The Weak And Low Water Flow For Your Hot Tub?

    Every time we use the hot tub, we need to turn on the water switch to let the water in, we all hope that it could finish the water loading as soon as possible, or with our expect speed and follow our request. But sometimes we would noticed that after use for months, the water flow will be weak and low. Then you have to check your hot tub and the fittings of

  • The Way To Get Rid Of White Water Mold The Way To Get Rid Of White Water Mold

    White water mold is not algae, although some may tell you otherwise. It's actually a naturally occurring fungus. While it causes some of the same problems in your tub, water mold is more animal than vegetable. Because it's naturally occurring, it is a problem that all hot tub owners must be aware of. If let your hot tub go without thorough cleanings and regu

  • Taisheng Annual Meeting Of 2019 Taisheng Annual Meeting Of 2019

    The Taisheng Annual Meeting was hosted last Saturday, we have many partners here to attend the meeting. We all enjoyed it. Thanks for those who prepared the meeting for a long time. Also many thanks to our customers and partners who support with each others for many years. We believe we will have further cooperation in the future.

  • What Is The Benefits Of Hot Tub Enclosure? What Is The Benefits Of Hot Tub Enclosure?

    Although a spa enclosure is not necessary to owning or enjoying your spa, many of us still choose one to use, because it have several benefits. Some can give you the protection in many cases, some may even save you money in the long run, it is very convenient.