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Acrylic bathtub Profile
- Sep 09, 2016 -

In the building materials market, bathtub wooden bathtub, ceramic bathtub, as well as acrylic bathtub. For acrylic bathtub, many consumers do not quite understand, acrylic bathtub in the end it really good? Acrylic bathtubs offer extravagant treat it? Here we follow Tony Xiao Bian love baths together to understand it.

Acrylic bathtub surface layer material is methyl propyl methacrylate, tails covered with glass fiber, coated with special resin reinforcement. Color acrylic bathtub uniform, smooth surface, no delamination and bubble phenomenon.

Features acrylic bathtub is fashionable, because of its simple production, the industry is currently in the bathtub larger market share.

The most prominent feature is that acrylic styles, all shapes, all sizes, often with high-end audio-visual equipment, massage equipment and so on.

I believe acrylic bathtub bathtub future market will be occupied.