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How to choose a perfect cover?
- Jan 23, 2018 -

First and formost, you need to choose a high density Foam, which can prevent from easy-deformation.

Secondly, you need to choose a cover with tapered foam, middle is higher than edge, to prevent water-logging.

Thirdly, to check if your cover is metal inserted to make sure a reinforced structure.

Fourthly, is the foam heat-sealed or not? This will affect the usage-life of your cover.

Fifthly, do you choose a top leather skin already? It must be waterproof, tear-resistant, rust-resistant and with experienced stitching.

Sixthly, check if all spareparts of your cover tough enough?

We will be your best choice of a best-quality Spa Cover!

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For more, kindly contact Shirley Wu by sales20@chinaspacover.com. Thanks!

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