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How to pick a good bath
- Sep 09, 2016 -

China and the US States to enjoy a bath of their own heat and moment, how comfortable thing. Bath and shower room is not the same, to bring the bath tub to enjoy the shower can not be compared. Bath, this traditional bathing equipment not only will not be phased out gradually and will continue to develop with the people's needs.

Then how to choose a suitable own family bath it? Due to manufacturing basic material determines the performance of a bathtub, so when choosing a bathtub, Shenyang decoration company - new home decorative ornaments material portion Nana remind the owners first determine what you want the material is crucial to distinguish from the manufacturing materials, general into acrylic bathtub, steel bathtub and cast iron bathtub and popular cask bath tub of different materials having different characteristics.

Acrylic bathtub Acrylic bathtub artificial organic material, style is characterized by rich, light weight, good surface finish, and low prices, but due to the presence of high temperature resistant synthetic organic material is poor, poor pressure, do not wear, easy to aging of the surface the disadvantage, so acrylic bathtub bathtub three years or more in very little surface does not change color. However, some brand manufacturers in the production using imported high brightness, high hardness special sanitary acrylic sheet, to some extent overcome some of the disadvantages of acrylic. If consumers in the purchase of their own thought bathtub frequency of use is relatively low, or they would go inside the house renovated a few years, so, acrylic bathtub due to the good price, it is quite suitable for such consumers. Advantages: cost cheaper, good insulating effect, looks rich and varied. Cons: the surface is easily get to spend a hard object.