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Production process of acrylic bathtub
- Sep 09, 2016 -

Bath tub modern home decoration is often used to a class of sanitary ware products, the use of the material is also abundant, generally ceramic and acrylic materials, mostly comparison, and acrylic material bathtub more energy-saving and environmental protection, and therefore much people favorite. Meanwhile, the acrylic material can produce a variety of shapes and styles of bathtubs, and high-grade acrylic bathtub can be equipped with audio-visual equipment, massage equipment and so on, so many art acrylic cylinder and a Jacuzzi are material. However, the production process of acrylic bathtub is quite complex, and today Pui love bath for everyone in this acrylic bathtub Detailed production process, hope to help more people to understand and recognize acrylic bathtub.

Molding: bath, shower chassis, backplane, and other sanitary ware molding usually chocolate or plastic composite board class board plastic molding, as bathtubs and other products look more complex, with deep molding height data using ordinary packaging materials used mechanical and process requirements are difficult to meet, so the appropriate choice of plates and selection of the right equipment is sanitary ware forming an excellent base.

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