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How to Clean Your Hot Tub Filters
- Sep 27, 2018 -

We recommended you change your filter at least once per year. Do not use a filter cartridge more than two years. These filters helps protect your health and wallet. Dirty filters can even void your warranty, so you should pay to check your spa filters once or twice a month. It' s time to replace your filters if it has the following situations:

1.The Media is ripped, bent or imploded, then it's time to replace them.

2.The End Caps on the end are brittle, cracked, or very discolored.

Cleaning your filters will help you get the maximum life expectancy out of them. The following are all acceptable spa filter cleaning methods. But depending on the length of time, you can do a different method.

TIP: you can buy two sets of hot tub filters. While you are cleaning one set, the other one can be used in the hot tub.


1.The Quick Rinse (Weekly)

Remove the filters from your hot tub and give them a quick rinse with water. You can rinse them with a garden hose or in a sink. And be sure to spread apart each pleat and rinse well between them to get any dirt, hair, or other debris out. Once you have completed your rinse, allow the filter to dry before using in your hot tub.

2.The Chemical Rinse (Monthly)

Purchase a bottle of hot tub filter cleaner. If you already have filter cleaner, and it doesn't come in a spray bottle, use the recommended dilution method for the cleaner and put it in a clean spray bottle. Generously spray down your hot tub filters and let them sit for about 15 minutes. Then, rinse them down with clean water.

NOTE: Make sure you rinse them down really good.  Filter cleaners can cause a ton of foam in your tub when you put the filters back in.

3.The Chemical Soak (Every 3-4 Months)

You should change the water in your hot tub every three to four months. At this point you should also take the time to do a thorough cleaning of your filter. Using a hot tub filter cleaning chemical (NOTE: do not use household products), dilute the chemical with water according to the directions on the bottle. Make sure you use enough water to completely submerge one filter. If you have room, you can add more filters to the solution.

Then, let the filter rest in the solution overnight or 24 hours. The next day, be sure to rinse the heck of the filters with clean water. Again, you don't want foamy hot tub water.