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Introduction To Spa Cover
- Jun 12, 2017 -

Introduction to Spa Cover
Chapter 1: Patent Background and Product Analysis
1.1 patent background
This project covers a number of national utility model patents, and its patented technology covers physical mechanics, force conversion, electronic circuits and other related fields, is characterized by its products can make people in the bath - this and water contact The most close and most frequent life to enjoy a variety of services, such as massage, scratch itching, cleansing and spa. Products to enhance the quality of people in the bath life, an increase of water heater products selling point and fill the gaps in the domestic bath gift market.

Chapter 2: Patent products and product core strengths
2.1 shower of the basic functions of patented products and product line
The first set of massage, Chuibei, scratch itching, Cuozao, manicure, cleansing, foot bath and spa and other basic functions in one, China's first function of the most perfect shower products.
Products in the set of massage, Chuibei, scratch itching, Cuozao, manicure, cleansing, foot bath and spa and other functions in one, based on the SPA is also anion series of shower, SPA in addition to chlorine series shower, SPA beauty Skin series shower, SPA far infrared series shower, SPA small water molecules series shower, SPA weak alkaline water series shower and so on.
2.2 The core advantage of shower patented products
One is the first massage will be, Chuibei, scratching, rubbing bath, manicure, cleansing, foot bath and other functions to bath - this person and the water contact the most closely and most need to enjoy the environment as the entry point R & D to the nozzle of the product.
Second: is the first product of the energy supply to develop the way to the product itself as the main energy for the energy of the shower products. As a result of massage, Chuibei, scratch itching, Cuozao, manicure and other functions are achieved through the relevant parts to complete, so the product must have a power system, that is, the first: water can drive the product built-in generator Power to power; the second: the water can drive the product variable speed lifting box movement, itself does not produce electricity. The two main features of energy supply is to save energy, safety and environmental protection, unique and innovative.
The third is the first with a massage, Chuibei, scratching, rubbing bath, manicure, cleansing, foot bath, etc., based on the function of the development of SPA far infrared spa series, SPA negative ion spa series, SPA small water Molecular spa series, SPA in addition to chlorine spa series and SPA weak alkaline water spa series and other effects of the series of shower products.
The fourth: is the first in the product display screen can accurately display the bath temperature of the series of shower products.

The third chapter: shower patent products in the market to face the marketing opportunities
3.1 Water heater market environment analysis
Relevant data confirmed that in 2006 China's total market of water heater industry reached 28 billion yuan, the total number of sales of water heaters 31 million units. Experts expect an increase of 18% in 2007.
However, the current electric water heater and solar water heater industry is highly competitive, the manufacturers mainly in the price war on the basis of fighting technology, but largely ignored as a water heater necessary accessories - shower products, the role of extension and development potential.
Bath series products extend the value of the use of shower products, making it a unique selling point of water heater products and enhance the use of water heater products, greatly developed the shower products in the bath of this specific environment in the relevant functions, so that people In the bath and water contact the most close to the occasion, enjoy better and more services. The company's products will not change people's living habits on the basis of bath, completely change the quality of people's bath, while changing the function of the traditional nozzle that is: the shower should not be only water can be ... ...
Shower patent products and these water heater manufacturers to reach a cooperation, will greatly enhance the market competitiveness of water heater products and product selling points, and shower patented product products is based on the water heater manufacturers do not do or do not do things Do better, is a useful complement to the water heater manufacturers, effectively avoid the competition, choose to stand on the growth of many water heater manufacturers on the road.
And, as long as the shower patented products and a water heater manufacturers or a water heater products to reach cooperation, bathing Wang unique features and positioning will be able to quickly put pressure on the entire water heater industry. This channel company will be mainly in the form of special partners to start, at the same time, this is the product of the most important profit model.