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The Function And Effect Of Children 's Spa Mold
- Jun 12, 2017 -

The Function and Effect of Children 's Spa Mold
The role of infant Spa Mold

Promote the development of IQ and emotional intelligence

80% of the human brain cells in the infancy of the formation of a large number of benign stimulation and sensory training is the basis of baby psychology, intelligence and emotional intelligence development, while eliminating the baby growth in the loneliness, fear and anxiety; , Adjust sleep

Spa Mold simulation amniotic fluid environment, can stimulate the baby's vision, balance and hearing, so that Baby physical and mental comfort, change the baby sleep rhythm and quality, reduce the night cry; strong heart, improve lung capacity, promote the development of the broom

Water buoyancy and water waves, water pressure on the skin of the slap, the peripheral blood vessels play a massage effect, so that the baby's heart to get better exercise; the same time, the pressure on the chest porch can increase the baby lung capacity. Statistics show that after the Spa Mold infant lung capacity can be increased by 74%; enhance immunity and cold

Spa Mold to enhance the Baby on the outside temperature changes in the ability to regulate and improve their immunity; to promote height, robust physique

Water buoyancy, Baby in the water easy to make sliding arms, stretching legs and twisting waist and other big moves to speed up the blood of nutrients and oxygen transported to the bones and muscle tissue, to promote the level of growth hormone in the body, so that Baby grows faster; helps digestion, appetite

The Spa Mold consumes energy to stimulate the digestion and absorption function of the BB digestive system to ingest a large amount of nutrients.


Adaptation and contraindications

Children's hydrotherapy rehabilitation: children with cerebral palsy, encephalitis meningitis sequelae, traumatic brain injury, orthopedic surgery, nerve injury, high risk children, mental retardation, the neonatal Spa Mold can help to adapt to changes in the environment to stimulate brain development, Strengthen the musculoskeletal system, promote the development of the chest and so on.

Child rehabilitation: cerebral palsy, mental retardation, encephalitis meningitis sequelae, a variety of nerve damage, brain surgery, orthopedic surgery and so on.

High risk children intervention: premature children, birth weight low neonatal, birth or neonatal severe hypoxia, convulsions hyperbilirubinemia and cerebral hemorrhage, jaundice, severe infectious diseases such as encephalitis.

Neonatal Spa Mold: to help adapt to changes in the environment; to stimulate neonatal brain development; to strengthen the flexibility and flexibility of the skeletal system; is conducive to the development of the brain; to promote newborn physical and mental health; promote fetal discharge; promote digestion, Strengthen sleep.

Neurological diseases: neurasthenia, autonomic dysfunction, neuralgia, neuritis, peripheral nerve palsy, Raynaud's disease.

Warm water to improve limb blood circulation, improve local metabolism, relieve muscle spasms and stiffness.

Contraindications: severe circulatory disease, high blood pressure (diastolic blood> 16kPa, or contraction> 27 kPa), active angina, heart failure at level 2, quiet state pulse> 120 beats / min, myocardial infarction in one Month, a variety of infectious diseases, acute and chronic hepatitis, sexually transmitted diseases, skin damage and infection, high fever and other disabled.