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A New Year, What Are You Going To Do?
- Dec 29, 2018 -

Hello, there are just three days left to the New Year of 2019 now, have you already finished your to-do-list this year? And the new list of next year? We are going to finish our produce plan this year, and arrange the last spa covers delivery of 2018 these days. We are making summaries and analyzes now, and our improve points, for all of our friends.

Many of our customers placed the orders before Christmas and New Year, then they could keep the warehouse full of our best quality and competitive covers and other accessories, and also would have more potential markets at the beginning of the new year. Certainly we would not lower the production because of the new year holiday, we have arranged the schedule in advance, so that we could keep the orders on time, to make sure we could follow our customers' schedule, as the Chinese Network buzzwords said, to make sure we are on the same channel. So we could cooperate better together.

Taisheng loading spa covers

Talking about the spa covers delivery, we have containers day by day these two weeks, all our staffs are very careful and responsible for the products from produce to loading. Even though our customers are on vacation now, but they do not have to worry about the cargo things, we arrange it perfect for them. All they have to do is pick the products up when arrived. We would think out the best solution for our friends. For example, one of our friend had some troubles on the shipping, he did not know how to solve it and asked for us, we talked in time when we received his message, and then worked out in just few hours, it is good for both of us. Now he is an old friends for us.

Hope everything goes well with you, your families and businesses. And could have more potential markets, customers and whatever we want to reach in the future.