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A Nice Visiting To Taisheng And The Factory
- Dec 24, 2018 -

Last week we have a customer which we talked for the covers and other accessories for a very long time, came to our factory to see the real product and our company. He is the biggest spa company in his country and want to change the supplier of spa accessories. So he replied me after several months follow-up and then we talked about the potential cooperation. He told me that he works in this field for more than 20 years, he is very professional and great, also nice to me.

Then we prepare for his arrival weeks ago. When he arrived at China, we picked him up at the Airport, because we are very closed to the Baiyun airport, so it is very convenient for our customers to visit our factory.

The first thing to our factory is the Showroom of the spa cover and other accessories. The cover there is we made for the customers visiting, also the same quality with normal we sold to all our customers.

Because the cover we talked is the walk-on standard cover, so we suggested him to stand on the cover. He could not believe it at the beginning, but finally when he was on there, he said, it is very great and unbelievable, I like it.


Then we went to the launch, and shared many interesting things of us, now we like friends. We can talk many many thing with each other, not only the business, he was very happy in our factory. And finally, he told us the covers and other accessories are in very good quality and better than the suppliers he cooperated before.