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Acrylic Bathtub And Ceramic Bath Which Is Good
- Sep 09, 2016 -

Acrylic bathtub: The official name of acrylic bathtub is fiberglass reinforced plastics bathtub (acrylic ACRYLIC English homonym). Its surface material is a methyl propyl methacrylate, tails covered with glass fiber, coated with special resin reinforcement. In the bathtub should be uniform color, smooth surface, no delamination, bubbles. Surface layer thickness of 3 mm or more, and a glass fiber with a solid, no peeling.

Advantages: Because soft acrylic materials ease of processing, so the shape and color of such bath is quite rich, more choices for consumers. Acrylic bathtubs higher insulation effect, heat can be a long winter. Lightweight, easy to transport and install. Surface scratches can be repaired. Acrylic bathtub cheaper cost.

Disadvantages: surface easily wounded in action, it is essential bottom of the treatment, or easy to step on the crack

Ceramic bath: Bath ceramic firing of ceramic clay, the appearance of glazed finish, improve the overall quality bathroom.

Advantages: ornamental good, thick material, resistant to use.

Disadvantages: easy to transport heavy, fear bump, smooth has slipped, hitting the crack scratched beyond repair.

Comparison between the two: 1 acrylic bathtub heat slowly, so good insulation, the contact surface without "cold" feel compared to ceramic bath, more of a "warm and soft" feeling, the pain will not touch the body. Note, acrylic bathtub bottom should be paved sand cement paste during installation, or can not be vacated only by a few support points, so as not to break. Use should prevent sharp or hard objects bump friction, soft cloth and mild detergent when cleaning wipe, avoid using scouring pad. Once a rub hair with a soft cloth to wipe the toothpaste, restore luster.