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Aromatherapy Spa Step Collar
- Sep 30, 2017 -

As the saying goes, spring and summer Yang Yang autumn and winter yin and yang, winter is the best time for female Yangyin Bushen, winter cold weather, many female friends will feel cold hands and feet, which is mainly caused by kidney qi blood circulation, do Spa Step Can be used Vatican Lotta Rosemary Essential Oil to strengthen the massage of the relevant points. Spa Step after the end of a timely supplement to promote the blood circulation of the vanilla sky.
Anti-flu infection
Seasonal alternating easily lead to influenza, enhance immunity can effectively resist the epidemic virus, essential oil massage back can effectively improve the body immunity, Spa Step after the end of the bubble peach ice cream to consolidate Spa Step effect.
Fat to promote digestion
Body accumulation of fat is difficult to eliminate, available rosemary essential oil to do Spa Step to promote the decomposition of fat, regulate the digestive system, Spa Step can drink glass glass beauty.
Balinese Spa Step Flush Pleasure
Modern women are more and more aware of their own. Daily with the same modern men in the workplace to fight, but also with the traditional women to take care of the family old, tired is sure. In this case, it is necessary to regularly reward yourself, let yourself completely relaxed once. The spa Spa Step, apparently became a popular way for women to welcome.
The body bathed in the flowers, the breeze blowing from the side, and then a pair of gentle hands gently massage, the body tired to ask, and finally in the flowers in the deep sleep ... ... to do a Indonesian-style Spa Step, All the wear and tear are erased, and can start a new day.
Broadly speaking, Spa Step includes well-known spa, aromatherapy massage, bathing, dead corner and so on. Modern Spa Step is mainly through the body's five sensory functions, that is, hearing (music), taste (herbal tea, healthy diet), touch (massage, contact), smell (natural aromatic oil), visual (natural or natural landscape, Human environment) to achieve a full range of relaxation, will fine, gas, God three in one, to achieve the body, heart, spirit of relaxation, and now Spa Step has evolved into a modern synonym for beautiful supplies. Spa is the most common form of Spa Step. According to the name of the Spa Step, the name of the Spa Step came from a Belgian town called Spa Step in the Roman Empire, where there was a hot spring that was famous for beauty and even treatment of the disease. In modern times, scientists have opened the secret of hot springs, the water of essential oils from the local mountains of thousands of flowers and trees in the upstream water immersion. So now people to simulate the construction of a similar environment and water quality, so that the human body has a healthy and fitness effect, that is, the modern Spa Step.
Modern Spa Step is the key water and water equipment, common bucket bath, wet steam, dry steam, shower and Jacuzzi, also often use minerals, sea mud, flowers and extracts, plant oils to improve water quality Acting on the human body. In real life, Spa Step has the following effects: beauty and beauty, relax the body, soothe the body and mind, healthy skin, treatment of diseases.
Spa Step have different themes, some emphasis on relaxation, soothing, detoxification treatment; some focus on fitness slimming; there are heavy aromatic oil, marine living water or pure herbal remedies. But no matter what type of Spa Step, are not from the guests to listen to (hearing music), smell (natural flowers aroma), visual (natural landscape), taste (health food), touch (massage care) and thinking (inner Relaxation) and other six basic needs of the senses.
Spa Step of the pleasant physical and mental, for the heart of the accumulation of pressure to find an export, so that the body, mind, spirit to achieve harmony and balance of enjoyment, let people taste. Body, mind, the spirit of the United States is the modern living in the health of the city's dream. Spa Step blowing pleasant aroma, it is from the body, heart, spirit to give care and comfort, care of your face, love your mind, so that you are full of vitality from inside to outside, high spirits.