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Bath Bathtub Cleaning Tips
- Sep 09, 2016 -

Tip 1: Go into the warm water bath to a maximum of more than 2 inches at the nozzle, or after using the water left in the tub. Low foam in water to add two: powdered automatic dishwashing detergent and a small amount of household bleach. Jacuzzi will open 5-10 minutes, then turn off the water drained, then rinsed with water bath surface. Long bath in hot and humid condition, but also to breed a lot of bacteria, sometimes cleaning, the surface looks clean, in fact, there are still a lot of bacteria present. Tony Love recommend regular bath tub with water to wipe the surface, do not use disinfectant, disinfectant because not be able to kill mold and fungi.

Tip 2: mild treatment surface stains can be discarded soft-bristled scrub brush dipped in bleach water surface, either remove stains, but also to eliminate mold: Difficulties encountered rub the stain, you can use half a lemon dipped in salt rub, can also be coated with a soft bristle toothbrush whitening toothpaste scrub function, turpentine at this time is also very easy to use. For scale, normally clean the toilet with a good product to use, if you do not like the pungent smell of lemon can also use white vinegar this more natural approach. Do not use detergents with bleaching function, especially when the family bathtub with color. Against mold and bacteria caused by fungal disease, dry immediately after washing with bleach water and peroxide water.