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Brand Situation Of PVC Spa Coverindustry
- Jul 13, 2017 -

Brand situation of PVC Spa Coverindustry

China's PVC Spa Coverindustry is different. If a few years ago it was the world of foreign brands, then this situation is beginning to end, and it will end forever. The Chinese PVC Spa Cover, represented by herbicize, have begun to break the dominance of the foreign brands and bring hope and light to the high-end brands of the National Day industry. In the consumer goods industry in China, the wind of "the Chinese herb" has become more and more fierce. From the Chinese traditional Chinese medicine shampoo to wang laoji, from the grass to the European poetry, from the collection of the grass to the jingrui pearl, and so on, and so on. Behind the rise of Chinese prescription medica isn't crazy actually, its support is homebred brand of high quality, cost-effective, and due to the rise of China's economy, the status of China in the world to enhance national self-confidence and pride. Its essence is the recognition and affirmation of products based on Chinese culture. And commercial laws, of course, in the face of strong foreign brands to control the market, Chinese enterprises can only in Chinese prescription Ben this unique to China cultural context to find their own uniqueness and diversity. Which once was the market with Chinese characteristics, is recognized by consumers, so multinational companies rely on the strength of strong, to enter the Chinese market, brand operation skill mature early formed by the myth will burst. Everything in the world is youdao. Among the large and growing Chinese economic entities, the emergence of Chinese enterprises and Chinese brands is inevitable in such a large consumer market. Only in what appearance, is zhang SAN or li 4. However, this phenomenon is welcome, a breakthrough may be a qualitative breakthrough, will bring a series of market changes. We can see the day when China's high-end Japanese brands, consumer goods brands and foreign brands will be in court. This is not our narrow nationalism. We must also attribute the PVC Spa Cover to the nature of PVC Spa Cover, and the key to the problem lies in the superior quality of domestic PVC Spa Cover.

With the improvement of living conditions and the development of the society, PVC Spa Coveris no longer a rich set of luxury, has gradually entered the ordinary people, become the contemporary daily essentials, especially fashion women become more and more people now skillfully use PVC Spa Coverset to herself, to create good personal image. Such a huge market has led to the proliferation of PVC Spa Cover in recent years, and the competition is becoming more and more intense. The specialty store is different from shang chao, department stores, which terminal brand is crucial to the store, and also a key issue for the survival of the store. And the brand thousands of the market, good and bad, how to choose the right brand has become the most difficult problem for many operators.

Now, many stores there are brands overlap phenomenon, namely the same class with the price of the brand is too much, and most of the brands are not unique "selling point", whether packaging or function is very similar, the brand's many "all" which eventually led to the brand sales, factory support is also very limited. Some store boss there is a "winner-take-all" wrong ideas, he was determined to put on the market all the famous brands are displayed on their shelves, tried to truncate the competitors from the source of "route for providing foodstuff", the consequences of doing this is operator performance under heavy pressure,.