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China Spa Tray Industry Prospects And International Market Synchronization
- Sep 15, 2017 -

China Spa Tray industry prospects and international market synchronization
Compared to the previous, China Spa Tray technology level has greatly improved, but the domestic Spa Tray industry production of high school low-end ratio is very uneven, which is very detrimental to China's Spa Tray industry development. Although the past few years, China's Spa Tray industry structure and system has made a great change, mainly for: high-end Spa Tray, large, sophisticated, complex, long life. But because of China's middle and low Spa Tray demand is too large, and in the high-end Spa Tray but the rate of less than 60% .It is easy to see that one of the unreasonable.
3, high-end Spa Tray personnel need to nurture; Fourth, to speed up the pace of adjustment of Spa Tray product structure; Fifth, increase investment in the three, high-end Spa Tray personnel need to cultivate; To strengthen the innovation capacity; 6, to promote the joint reorganization of Spa Tray enterprises; seven, overseas market development to be deepened.
Improve the level of technology
As the downstream industry, especially the key to the automotive industry and the core Spa Tray imports a higher degree of dependence, making the relevant host products required a series of key, core injection products are mainly provided by these internationally renowned Spa Tray enterprises.
In recent years, the cabinet enterprises continue to improve the Spa Tray process technology and products, therefore, some plastic Spa Tray or injection parts began to flow in the international, successful among some high-end industry supply chain system, it is a substitute for some imported products, The dependence on it. But it is undeniable that among the international high-end market is only a small part.
According to the 12th Five-Year Plan, China Spa Tray industry will focus on breaking the large and sophisticated plastic Spa Tray design, such as: automotive plastic Spa Tray, marine plastic Spa Tray and so on. Only continue to follow these new advanced technology, advanced products, it will not be eliminated for the times. With the technical level of China's Spa Tray industry increased, the product level gradually increased, and now some of the international host industry supply chain system to further tilt the domestic enterprises, which will make an opportunity and challenge. It is understood that by 2015, China's market demand for Spa Tray independent matching rate will reach more than 85%, including high-end Spa Tray's matching ratio will be significantly improved.
Some experts pointed out that China's Spa Tray industry in addition to the future in addition to continue to improve production capacity, but also to focus on internal structural adjustment and technological development level. Mainly to the enterprise structure to the professional adjustment, product structure towards the high-end Spa Tray development, to the import and export structure of the improvement, the high-end car cover Spa Tray forming analysis and structural improvements, multi-functional composite Spa Tray and composite processing and laser technology in Spa Tray design and manufacturing applications, high-speed cutting, ultra-finishing and polishing technology, information technology direction.
Different types of plastic Spa Tray, different types of plastic molding (the same type Spa Tray), due to the beginning and the different requirements of different assembly methods are not the same. Therefore, before the assembly should be carefully studied analysis of assembly drawings, parts drawings. Determine the assembly basis by understanding the role, characteristics and technical requirements of each part. After careful assembly, to achieve the quality of the product indicators, including Spa Tray action accuracy and in the course of the use of other technical requirements.
Principle of repair:
(1) repair demolition gradient, in principle, the cavity should ensure that the large size in the workpiece size tolerance range, the core should ensure that the small size in the workpiece size tolerance range;
(2) Corner corner radius, cavity should be small, the core should be too large;
(3) When the Spa Tray has a horizontal parting surface and a vertical parting surface, the correction should be made when the vertical parting surface contact surface level slightly left with a gap, the small Spa Tray only painted red after each other Contact can be, large Spa Tray gap is about 0.02mm or so;
(4) for the slope of the mold with the Spa Tray, slope close, the parting surface should be left 0.02-0.03mm gap;
(5) repair the surface of the arc and straight line to be smooth, the surface does not allow a dent, file cutting lines should be consistent with the direction of mold.