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Cold And Cold To The Spa Step Can You? Spa Step On The Cold And Cold Have Miraculous
- Aug 25, 2017 -

Cold and cold to the Spa Step can you? Spa Step on the cold and cold have miraculous
Most of the cold cold is caused by the cold, the process of Spa Step through the environment to speed up the body to speed up the blood circulation, and even the effect of driving the cold. So the Spa Step on the cold cold is effective, and the effect is still very good.
Cold cold to the Spa Step can you?
During the cold can the Spa Step, but also good for the cold, and even can cure colds.
A cold is the result of the virus invading the human body after the results of the use of negative equipment, the use of negative ions to stimulate the negative oxygen ions have the effect of inhibiting bacteria activity. So that patients with mild cold can try the steps of the treatment of cold treatment. As the saying goes: "is the drug three drug", for a slight cold steaming three steps to add water to drink plenty of water to ensure that good, but also can play the beauty of the best of both hands, why not? On the cold cold has a therapeutic effect.
Cold and cold Spa Step
Cold and cold Spa Step to half an hour is appropriate, because the cold cold itself will have a slight fever symptoms, usually sick when the spa step time in 45 minutes or so, but suffering from cold and cold people, should reduce the Spa Step Time to half an hour is appropriate, up to no more than 45 minutes, so as not to heat too far, causing the body more discomfort.
The benefits of cold and cold Spa Step
Cold and cold, commonly known as "cold", is due to the human body experience the cold and cold evil, resulting in muscle table closed depression, lung health loss declared only aversion to cold, fever, no sweat, headache, nasal congestion, runny nose and a series of symptoms.
In the course of the spa process can help speed up the sweat discharge, but also can help regulate the endocrine and metabolism, speed up the metabolism, to speed up the release of toxins, but also in the process of Spa Step to promote perspiration and drive cold, the body will be distributed Out, is to help the treatment of colds, especially colds caused by the cold can be a step in the treatment of the spa. The purpose of the spa step is not only to make people sweat, but rather to sweat this way to make the body open, blood pass, lungs, evil, except the Spa Step can promote toxins discharge, promote blood circulation, so it is cold There is a great advantage.
Precautions for cold and cold steps
It is best not to take a bath within six hours after the Spa Step
After the spa step, the pores are in the expanded state, and the cells in the body are also in the repair state through the spa step. If the pores of the shower in the short time are contracted immediately after the water, the cell repair stops the effect of the beauty regimen after the spa step.
After the Spa Step to rest for some time before going outdoors
After the Spa Step, at least 15 minutes to rest outdoors. Because the steps after the spa in the expansion of the state, easy to absorb dust and harmful substances, and the outside temperature is lower than the room to prevent the cold, so to spend some time and then outdoors.
After the spa step in a timely manner reasonable to add body elements
After the spa step, if you feel the body is weak, you can drink light salt water and potassium citrate water to supplement the water after the step after the evaporation of potassium and salt, but also can add a little calcium.
After the Spa Step to keep warm
After the spa step is to pay attention to warm, do not have the wind phenomenon. Otherwise the spa step will have no effect.