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Do You Know What The Correct Use Of Towel Bar?
- Sep 15, 2017 -

Do you know what the correct use of Towel Bar?
1. Used the Towel Bar should be cleaned, dried, dried and then used to meet the health and health requirements, if not washed and dried repeatedly repeated use, or even more people to share, then the chance of bacteria will be greatly increased, And may lead to cross-infection. Our country's health organization has also published a document to promote consumers to use the number of Towel Bar for the male three women four; each person must have their own dedicated Towel Bar, and according to the needs of different configurations Towel Bar products. Towels, towels, absorbent towels, towel, sports towel bar and so should be used separately;
2.Towel Bar should be kept in a ventilated place to prevent spots or breed of various types of bacteria, increase Towel Bar life;
3. Do not bleach with bleach, so as not to hurt the skin;
4.Towel Bar should be replaced in time. Any product has a period of use, Towel Bar for the fiber fabric, is an organic matter, the use of the general period of 3 months.
5. Therefore, Towel Bar should be replaced according to the time of use. If Towel Bar produces moldy or hardened, replace it immediately.
6.Towel Bar after the use of timely cleaning, disinfection once a week, the best timely drying or drying;
7.Towel Bar becomes greasy and can be washed with salt water.
Towel Bar we use every day, the general feeling can also Towel Bar the first few days is not bad with a few days will be hardened. Or it is feeling very good touch, but it does not know what chemicals coated even do not absorb the water every time after the wet do not feel the feeling of water. Microfiber Towel Bar has a high water absorption, strong decontamination, no bleaching, long life, easy to clean, not hair loss, especially soft features.
Towel Bar is in close contact with our body every day, and its main ingredient cotton fiber is easy to "filth", if the cleaning method is not correct, it will become a source of pollution at home.
Towel Bar often stained with sweat, tears and other secretions, as well as from the environment contaminated pathogenic microorganisms, such as Chlamydia trachomatis, Staphylococcus aureus, Neisseria gonorrhoeae and mold, if not dilute, dry, a large number of bacteria will Stay in the Towel Bar, breeding, wiping the body with such Towel Bar, is likely to cause infection. Therefore, after the use of Towel Bar in time to wash, it is best to wash with soap every day, and then dried in the sun.
Often such a situation, Towel Bar spent a period of time after the hardened. This is mainly due to the free calcium in the water, magnesium ions and soap combined, adhere to the towel Bar caused. In addition, long dirt residue is one of the reasons for hardening. To prevent the Towel Bar from getting hard, add Towel Bar for a few minutes at any time by adding soapy or lye to the water at regular intervals. When boiling, Towel Bar should be immersed in water to avoid oxidation with air. Increase strength even brittle.
In addition, Towel Bar with more times, but also become greasy sticky and poor water absorption, and exudes a rancid taste, the more soapy but more sticky. At this time, you can use the right amount of salt scrub, hot with hot water, and finally rinse with water, not only can make Towel Bar to restore the original color, smell can also be eliminated.
Towel Bar is a fiber fabric, the use of a long time, deep fiber cracks in the bacteria is difficult to remove, cleaning, drying, high temperature cooking, etc. only in a short time to control the number of bacteria, and can not permanently remove bacteria. Long-term use of the old Towel Bar words, will cause opportunities for bacterial invasion. So, it's best to change a new Towel Bar for about three months.