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Evening Spa Cover Works Better
- Oct 17, 2017 -

Evening Spa Cover works better
In addition to daytime foot protection, many MM pay more attention to every night to give yourself a skin care Spa Cover, it can not only relax, more efficient skin care quality, and the effect better than the day Oh!
First of all, thoroughly clean: before going to sleep must clean the skin, try to choose less spices, the nature of mild cleansing products, with the middle finger and index finger in the face from the top down, gently massage from the inside out. After the massage must be washed with water.
Second, the simplified maintenance: before going to bed Spa Cover skin care maintenance, no need to use too much or a lot of simple essence + cream is enough to repair to the skin deep. After washing the face, with both hands or cotton pad to push the essence, from the neck to the forehead, to provide skin renewal power; wait 1 minute, and then targeted to apply their own night cream. Or you can use the sleep mask, but also help the skin to repair at night, but should not be painted too thick, too frequent use, so as not to increase the burden on the skin. Two to three times a week, do not need to use every day.
Once again, bath to help sleep: before going to sleep Spa Cover bubble bath, in the warm bath water add appropriate amount of vinegar, after bath will be particularly comfortable. Or the dried orange peel in the gauze bag, soak in the tub of water, but also a very good cosmetic effect. If you do not have the bath conditions, you can change the foot bath, help to speed up the sleep. Foot bath water temperature of about 40 ℃ is appropriate, to divert the ankle area.
Finally, the dinner to avoid eating too full: dinner, if eat too full, will lead to sleep when the blood concentrated in the stomach, so that facial blood volume reduction, affecting skin color. Try to avoid or a small amount of salt intake, it is best not to drink, so you can avoid the morning when the face and eyes around the edema of the situation.
Come and have a beautiful beauty of the Spa Cover, relax your mood!
Facial Spa Cover is like the old fire soup, although not every day to use, but once a week but can give the skin deep maintenance, and only adhere to the daily care and adhere to the facial Spa Cover, the skin will be healthy and beautiful Oh.
For the daily care of the skin is like three meals a day, not less, and the face of the Spa Cover? Is like the old fire soup that, although not every day, but once a week can give the skin deep maintenance, only Both adhere to the daily care and adhere to the facial Spa Cover, the skin will be healthy and beautiful Oh.
No water can not do Spa Cover, as the Spa Cover in the most important element - water temperature, the body will have a certain impact on the various organizations.
1, Spa Cover on the impact of blood circulation: When the cold water sprinkled on the surface of the skin, the body around the blood vessels will shrink, the blood was forced into the body deeper areas.
2, Spa Cover on the heart: the use of cold water will reduce the frequency of heartbeat, may increase the coordination of cardiac vascular tissue. The use of hot water will increase the heart load, because the use of hot water, a large number of peripheral vascular expansion, blood flow rate must be accelerated.
3, Spa Cover on the impact of blood pressure: the use of cold water will cause blood pressure rise, then they will drop. When using cold water massage or toiletries to spray cold water, the skin will receive mechanical stimulation to increase blood pressure. If you use hot water in large quantities, usually in the early stages of use, blood pressure will have a short rise time, then it will drop
4, Spa Cover on the impact of breathing: the first time with cold water for the spa, will breathe a breath, breathing speed, breathing action depth than usual. But the body's response to high temperature hot water is not like cold water bath. Hot water bath tends to increase the frequency of breathing, but the depth of the breathing action is still shallow.