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How To MeasureThe Spa Cover?
- Aug 31, 2018 -

Even if your spa is a perfect square, the corners are probably rounded, and not every spa has the same size curve on those rounded corners. So follow us to learn how to measure the cover perfectly.

The first part is the length and width (They are almost the same):

Length: Measure across the longest part of your hot tub. Be sure to measure from lip to lip (the acrylic tub), and not the outer edge created by the cabinet. Take this measurement in two spots to be sure the sides are perfectly straight. If the figures are different, use the larger one. If your spa is round or octagonal, simply measure straight across. Add one inch to this measurement to give your cover half an inch of give on both sides.

Width: Measure across the shorter side of your tub. Again, measure lip to lip only (the acrylic tub), not the outer cabinet edge. You may also take this measurement in two spots to ensure consistency in width. Add one inch to this measurement to give your cover half an inch of give on both sides. If your spa is octagonal, measure one panel from point to point.


Then measure the corners of your hot tub, you can use a framing square (an L-shaped ruler), two rulers held together at their zero ends, or a printable diagram offered by some retailers. The easiest, most accurate choice is the framing square.

Corner Radius: Place the framing square (or rulers) against the corner of your hot tub. The points where your hot tub touches the ruler are the corner radius. If you need to round this figure, be sure to round down. Because the square actually measures the space around the corner, a smaller number means a larger corner in your cover, which means it'll fit your spa better.


Next, the skirt Length: The skirt is a flap that extends from the bottom edge of the hot tub cover. The skirt must be long enough to help the cover seal well, but not so long it bunches up and creates gaps. To get the right length, measure from the top of your spa down to the bottom of the cabinet. If your spa cabinet has a lip or ledge, measure down from that. If you are measuring your old cover, start at the seam below the foam, then measure to the bottom of the skirt.

Fold Direction: Be sure to note where any digital control panels are, so you can choose a cover that folds away from them. This way, you'll be able to access the controls when you open your hot tub.