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How To Protect Your Spa Cover During Rain And Winter Storms
- Aug 10, 2018 -

Rain and heavy snow are the most common source of damage to spa covers. The high winds, rain, and possibly hail can really do a number on you cover if you don't follow the following five steps.

1.Remove furniture and plants

Remove all patio furniture, plants, and anything else that could be picked up by the wind and blown into the spa cover.

2.Ensure the hot tub cover is installed correctly

High winds have been known to rip spa covers off of their spas entirely. Make sure that it's installed and closed down on top of the spa. Consider adding locks if you don’t have any to make sure that it the cover stays down.

3.Add spa cover straps

If you are still worried about the wind, try adding cover straps to your spa cover to prevent it from blowing away. These add just a little more protection from the wind and can mean the difference from your spa cover remaining on your spa or becoming its own self flying kite.

4.Invest in a spa cover cap or bag

Cover caps fit over the top of your hot tub cover. They are effective at protecting your spa cover from damage due to winds, or even snow and ice. Also, you can choose a spa bag to fully cover the spa and spa cover.spa bag&cap.jpg

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5.Remove any water, snow and/or ice from the cover immediately

If you get snow, make snow removal a part of your routine. In addition to sidewalks, brush away any excess snow on your spa cover. This will get rid of the extra weight on your cover so it lasts longer.