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However, Not A Spa Cover Can Clean All The Toxins In The Body
- Oct 26, 2017 -

However, not a Spa Cover can clean all the toxins in the body
It is said that the emerging foot bath Spa Cover detoxification method can be completely discharged from the body toxins, but also from the foot bath stains analysis of physical problems. Whether the detoxification is open to question, but recently in Hong Kong and Shenzhen have appeared such a foot, the use of micro-current and ion water on the foot soak and massage, can remove fatigue and improve the foot problem.
Spa Cover Detox is usually done with the subsequent aromatherapy massage. A complete set of Spa Cover detoxification process is generally in the bath, exfoliating, mud, the use of high-tech spa bath of cold and warm water for the guests lying on the bed of the body to do the body to stimulate the body to show active cells, and then with the way Professional massage, keep the cells in good condition, accelerate metabolism and circulation, to detoxification, consumption of fat, weight loss purposes. The most suitable for the body circulation is not smooth, easy to swollen people.
According to statistics, many women do not love sports, but want to have a healthy and beautiful appearance and inner. These lazy, but beautiful women, by the Spa Cover machine or massage, and then to achieve the "lymphatic drainage detoxification" role, is quite a good choice.
However, not a Spa Cover can clean all the toxins in the body, because each person's metabolic capacity is different, usually at least two months or so, in order to the old toxins out. If the metabolism of bad people, or to try to take low salt food, if you can, the best day to walk a little way to walk, so that the body sweating, to achieve the effect of exercise. Although modern people seeking fast, but the physical changes are not a day or two, must maintain normal living habits, and become a way of life, can be non-toxic light.
Second, the bubble at 40 ℃ above the Spa Cover will consume about 300 calories of the body, from the respiratory tract, kidney, and skin loss of water and electrolytes will also increase, so the bubble Spa Cover must remember to add more water or contain Electrolyte drinks, so as to avoid imbalance caused by electrolyte heat or heat spasm and so on. This is an ordinary person should pay attention to the problem, the following questions about several patients talk about bubble Spa Cover.
1, there are cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease should not bubble
In general, Spa Cover temperature is high, can make the body easy to sweat, heart rate, heart oxygen consumption increased, at the same time, because the bubble Spa Cover when the human body temperature, water temperature drop, Short period of time caused by vasodilation and contraction, which are caused by stroke and myocardial infarction predisposing factors, so patients with high blood pressure and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease Spa cover to be particularly careful, even if the bubble, but also pay attention to select the water temperature Do not be too high (not higher than 42 ℃) Spa Cover, or soak for not too long, the first time not more than 10 minutes into the water, after each water can not be more than 15 minutes, and can not let the water level than the heart position, Blood vessels about the expansion caused by accidents.
2, diabetic patients should not be long foam
As for the diabetic patients, the bubble Spa Cover is not very suitable, Zhongshan San hospital endocrinology physician Xu Haixia that diabetic patients in the blood sugar control is better, more stable case can bubble Spa Cover. If the blood sugar is unstable, easy to sweat in the Spa Cover, causing dehydration, causing changes in blood sugar. And most of the diabetic patients, are associated with peripheral neuropathy, palms, feet feel abnormal, easy to numb, so the sensitivity of the temperature is poor, easy to cause long burns caused by burns and I do not know. In addition, insulin-injected diabetic patients, if immersed Spa Cover, will increase insulin absorption. Moreover, prolonged overheating of the body to increase energy consumption, increased burden on the heart, it is prone to accidents.
3, have allergic dermatitis cautious Spa Cover
Spa Cover water is rich in minerals, is not all Spa Cover has a health care effect? In fact, it is understood that only the temperature above 34 ℃, containing a certain concentration of minerals (per liter of water containing soluble solids more than 1 grams), containing a special body (such as carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulfide, radon, etc.), and contains a certain amount of Chemical ingredients (such as iron, bromine, fluoride, etc.) Spa Cover, only the role of health care on the human body.

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