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Loading The Master Carton Packaged Spa Covers
- Sep 21, 2018 -

Normally, we have two packages for spa covers, one is woven bag and the other is master carton. And the master carton will cost more and take more spaces, so most of our customers choose the woven bag. So that the container could load more pieces.

Today, we are going to talk about the spa covers with master carton package and how to load them.

When we finished the spa covers, we will firstly check the quality and then package them with master carton with our customers' if there is no problems.

spa cover packaging.jpg

Then we will put them together in the warehouse waiting for the delivery. When the cars coming at appointed time, we will ask our workers to load the spa covers by  fork lifts.Spa cover with carton.jpg

As you can see, the master carton will take more spaces, so in some cases, it is difficult for our workers to load, and will load at least two or three pieces less than the woven bag. Also heavier than that.

spa cover loading on the car.jpg

We will take some photos for our customers to confirm and know the situation of their covers during the loading and then deal with the following the details. The loading process is one of the important part, then the shipping is also important, so we will keep continuous tracking until the spa covers arrived at our customers.