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Loading The Most Spa Covers In One Container As We Can
- Sep 14, 2018 -

As we know the shipping cost is very expensive in the international business. So we all hope to save the cost in shipping or any others. As for us, we also want to save the shipping cost for our customers. To deal with this, we not only calculate the shipping cost by ourselves, but also compare the freight with many agents, then we provide our customers the cheapest and best shipping cost and the best advice. That is also one of the reasons why we have many partners all over the world. We consider all the situations for them and try our best to solve it. We help each other.

Spa cover-1.jpg

Normally, we will provide customers a approximate data of a container loading capacity when we sent them the quotation, but in fact, the situation always a little difference from this data. So when the spa covers were finished and waited for the delivery, we will think out a way to load the spa covers in a container perfectly, which can load all the spa covers of customers' needs and would not damage in the long distance.

Spa covers.jpg

We always finish the products and deliver in time, our customers just need to receive the covers and do not have to worry about others. As we said, the customers’ satisfactions is our goal. A win-win cooperation is we all want.