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Men PVC Spa Cover Traditional Chinese Medicine
- Oct 26, 2017 -

Men PVC Spa Cover Traditional Chinese Medicine
Men's PVC Spa Cover Traditional Chinese medicine steaming therapy maintenance of the kidney, most men always think, PVC Spa Cover care is a woman's patent. In fact, for men, men's beauty, PVC Spa Cover skin care ah, is more and more mature, but not all men can accept. Below, follow Xiaobian to see the most popular PVC Spa Cover project.
Health care kidney therapy in accordance with the theory of traditional Chinese medicine meridian to pure plant essential oil massage techniques, from the skin to the subcutaneous capillaries and circulation system, supplemented by hot stone directly to the skin to bring the stimulation, so that the entire meridian active, stimulate male hormone Of the secretion, stimulate the hypothalamus, but also promote the secretion of male hormones, recovery.
Men 's PVC Spa Cover Traditional Chinese Medicine
PVC Spa Cover Traditional Chinese medicine steaming therapy rely on a special steaming machine, steaming machine's back box with a variety of Chinese herbal medicine, the body will be based on different male customers to deploy the necessary Chinese herbal medicine. In the unique steaming machine, the machine is filled with hot ingredients with active ingredients to help the body blood circulation, eliminate fatigue, so that the physical and mental fatigue into the physical and mental relaxation of the realm.
Steaming machine inside the release of Chinese herbal medicine hot so that the pores of the expansion, perspiration, the machine out of the herbal flavor from the respiratory system into the body, promote systemic blood circulation, relax the body offal and fatigue muscles to help the body detoxification.
In the PVC Spa Cover essential oil massage after the use of Ai smoked, Ai is a Chinese herbal medicine, with line of blood, by the effect of dampness. With leaves as the main raw material made of moxa, through smoked moxibustion and other methods, you can treat wind cold dampness Bi, muscle soreness and other diseases.
Men's kidney maintenance on the beautician's approach requires a high, acupuncture, shake, roll, take, pinch and mix, and fully relax the kidney tissue, wake up the kidney cells. After the massage with the grass of the king of grass and 13 kinds of expensive Chinese medicine specially made into the hot radiant sticks for smoked, it is said to help the human body through the meridians, warm up vitality.
Combined with traditional Chinese medicine theory PVC Spa Cover, the group usually collect natural plants, through the natural plant energy to activate the body's own balance mechanism, the use of the body's five senses, from the sense of smell, touch, taste, perception, hearing the different aspects of full feelings PVC Spa Cover gives full contact with body, mind and spirit. At the same time, often using the traditional meridian, massage health care techniques, the body of fine, blood, body fluid, gas to reconcile, from the inside and outside the common role to reconcile.
Twenty minutes of Han Fang Xiang bath is the first step in this course of treatment, instead of the original PVC Spa Cover flowers in the bath. The aroma bath contains the thirty-eight precious plants that grow in the original ecological environment of Ailao Mountain in Yunnan. Combining the thermal effect of hot water, you will feel that every pore of the body is slowly opening and the blood flow rate is faster. , Those nutrition, health and sterilization detoxification function of the essence of the slightest infiltration into the body, and through the role of microcirculation in the body of the various organs and skin cells to promote the body's skin cells active, usually sweating people will soon be large Sweat dripping, Dayton feel smooth. A lot of sweat and toxins together from the body, so that the metabolism to speed up the improvement of local tissue nutrition and body function, and to clear the meridians. For some wind-heat dampness caused by rheumatoid bone pain, arthritis and other diseases can be wet and detoxification, emollient itching. On the insomnia, constipation, fatigue, frozen shoulder has a unique role in improving.
In the professional PVC Spa Cover venues, according to the characteristics and advantages of each, the use of beauty products and tools will be focused on the instrument. To PVC Spa Cover, for example, care links usually include relaxation, deep cleaning, key care (such as moisturizing, whitening, compact, etc.) and aromatherapy, massage and so on.