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NEW Roll-cover With Well Package Is On The Way
- Sep 20, 2018 -

Our roll-cover is new to some of our customers, because it is unusual for us and we use the spa covers mostly. As we know now, the roll-cover is not only can be used for spa, but also for the swimspa. It also has the insulation capacity but lighter than our normal spa cover. And can be folded easily and etc. So it also can be a choice for us.

Nowadays, we received a inquiry from our customer who want a roll-cover. So we arrange the production immediately after we decided the details, it just took about three days for this roll-cover and also keep the best quality. Our salesman followed all the production all the time just to keep the our customers' satisfactions.


We have three package steps for the roll-cover. The first is bubble firm, it could prevent the roll-cover from damage of cover on the transportation and others. This is also the mormal materials for the transportation now.

roll-cover package1.jpg

The second package is woven bag and the third is wooden case, these two packages can provide the best protection for the roll-cover. We all know that the long transportation will damage the goods sometimes, so the best protection is very important. Our wooden case is design for this to provide the best protective effect.

roll-cover package3.jpg

Then, when the wooden case was lift to the car, it would not damage the inner roll-cover. And our customers can get the roll-cover perfectly.