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PVC Spa Cover Benefits!
- Jun 20, 2017 -

PVC Spa Cover benefits!
1, Chinese medicine that: the body's internal organs in the feet have a corresponding projection. The foot of more than sixty points and the internal organs have a close relationship, and people's insomnia and the emergence of the disease, are dysfunctional organs reflected after the yin and yang is partial or partial state. With hot water feet, as with the moxibustion these points, can play to promote blood running, Shujin active, maintenance of internal organs, so that the body to restore the balance of yin and yang, and thus have the effect of hypnosis and illnesses fitness.
2, [PVC Spa Cover sets of supplies wholesale] modern medicine that: people's feet covered with many blood vessels, with hot water feet can make the foot capillaries expansion, blood circulation to speed up the supply of foot more nutrients, so that leg Department of metabolism strong. Hot water has a mild stimulating effect, due to the innervation of the innermost nerve in the soles of the feet is closely connected with the brain, to stimulate the nerves on the soles of the feet, can inhibit the cerebral cortex, people feel comfortable and relaxed brain, not only to speed up the sleep, But also effectively eliminate the fatigue of the day.
3, [PVC Spa Cover sets of supplies wholesale] health care doctor said: "all year round are Muzu day --- spring feet, open Yang solid off; summer feet, summer can be cured; autumn feet, lung Runchang "Foot therapy does have its scientific health care truth, which is mainly from the perspective of Chinese medicine every day for 15 minutes to play a health care role, such as in the vasodilator with a certain intensity According to - Mo, but also to make the blood circulation more ideal, this is the foot massage, foot general principles.
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PVC Spa Cover sets of benefits more than two: the specific effect
1, to promote blood circulation.
PVC Spa Cover sets of benefits, then because in general, the body temperature and blood circulation are closely related to low temperature and low blood circulation, body temperature also increased blood circulation. Hot water foot bath can improve the foot blood circulation, the role of water warm, can expand the foot blood vessels, increase skin temperature, thereby promoting the foot and systemic blood circulation; while hot water foot so that the foot of the blood flow and flow Increase, thereby improving the heart function, reducing the heart load.
2, [PVC Spa Cover sets of supplies wholesale] to eliminate fatigue. PVC Spa Cover sets of benefits, when the body because of physical fatigue, the first foot of the foot blood circulation, metabolic end products, calcium, lactic acid microcrystalline and other material deposition. When the body of an organ function is not normal or sick, due to the impact of pathological reflex, so that the foot of the blood circulation is more bad, more prone to sediment. Athletes in the day after vigorous exercise, the average amount of blood per kilogram of 30 mg of lactic acid, with 43 ℃ water immersion foot 30 minutes after the blood test, about 5 mg down, after a period of time, blood lactic acid Reduced by about 20 mg, and returned to almost no sense of fatigue when the blood lactate level. It can be seen that hot water foot is the easiest and most effective way to eliminate physical fatigue.
3, to promote metabolism. PVC Spa Cover sets of benefits, then because the hot water foot massage to promote the foot and body blood circulation, due to increased blood circulation, thereby regulating the secretion of various endocrine glands of various hormones, such as thyroid secretion of thyroid hormone, adrenal secretion Of adrenal hormones, etc., these hormones can promote metabolism. Especially in the winter, daily adhere to the foot, not only can keep the feet clean, enhance its metabolism, improve the resistance of foreign pathogenic microorganisms, but also can prevent chapped, frostbite, tinea pedis and other foot disease.
4, health beauty, brain care brain. PVC Spa Cover sets of benefits and more, then because of hot water through the foot, you can adjust the meridians and blood. At the same time, foot vascular dilatation, increased blood volume, so that the head to speed up blood flow, in a timely manner enough to supplement the brain oxygen and nutrients required.
5, to improve sleep. PVC Spa Cover sets of benefits and more, because the foot is rich in nerve endings and capillaries, with hot feet on the nerves and capillaries have a mild and good stimulating effect. This warm stimulus is reflected in the cerebral cortex, the cerebral cortex plays a role in inhibition of the sympathetic nerve is smooth to the parasympathetic nerve conversion. Parasympathetic excitement, when people are in a quiet state of rest, thereby improving sleep, eliminate insomnia.