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PVC Spa Cover Can Treat These Small Problems
- Jun 27, 2017 -

PVC Spa Cover can treat these small problems
 PVC hydrotherapy therapy belongs to the category of traditional Chinese medicine outside the disease, its use and the development of traditional Chinese medicine, has a long history. PVC Spa Cover is in recent years in Asia to South Korea and Japan and other countries more popular a physical health therapy. This kind of therapy to trace the source of our country has long ago, China's earliest medical book "Yellow Emperor" in the record: "sweat when the severity of the disease according to the disease, to calm the water vapor, get rid of the body of the water, make some minor movement, so Yang gradually declared ". Such as "Su asked jade machine really possession" in the record: "spleen wind, itching, belly heat, worry, yellow, when this time, according to, can be medicine, can bath." This is the most typical description of the use of bathing treatment; Mongolian by the cold after the illness, with the new slaughtered cattle and sheep skin, the patient wrapped up, the fire drunk to achieve the purpose of sweating treatment, The method of the body, the popular Turkish bath in the Turkish bath and modern PVC spa treatment is similar, but there is no modern PVC Spa Cover more comfortable science. PVC spa treatment is to promote the traditional practice of self-cultivation, health care is the main. The benefits of PVC hydrotherapy therapy can improve the body's blood circulation and the body's water balance. PVC spa treatment for the crowd, is the elderly, (children should not).

The last two or three years, China's northern region to follow the PVC spa treatment of PVC spa suites gradually increased, according to statistics, Harbin City,  now there are about more than 60 PVC spa suites. Many people through the PVC spa after the personal experience to experience PVC Spa Cover to improve the physical condition of great benefit. You can Shujinhuoxue, relax the spirit of people and relieve fatigue, slow down due to work and life brought about by the psychological pressure. Especially through the PVC spa treatment can make mental work, long sitting in the office of the people, to replace the body due to lack of physical labor often, and can not adhere to physical exercise, in the winter and can not sweat for a long time, Giving physical and mental fatigue syndrome. For a long time the body can not sweat will cause a lot of harm to the body, usually we often say to exercise, in fact, to achieve the role of sweating to play the purpose of fitness. PVC spa treatment can also be called: "lazy therapy", you can not exercise through the same body to achieve the role of sweating. Chinese medicine is called the wetness of the body; what is wet traumatic Chinese medicine is said that the formation of the human body is not easy to circulate a dirty like the sputum of the same material, Chinese medicine called phlegm, a lot of sticky things stored in people The body of various parts, due to the existence of wet trauma, so that the body for many years feel depressed heavy, it formed a wet storm. Chinese medicine theory that: the necrotic blood (phlegm) as silted should be urgently needed to remove the dregs, people naturally become healthy. The source of all diseases is silted, it is often said that the pain, the reason why the pain of different parts of the disease is different, because different places are blocked (phlegm) blockage of these congestion (phlegm) to clear the body Blood supply is normal, the pain will disappear, from the up to make you feel the body pain, good heart and cerebrovascular disease. People often say that the water does not rot, the water does not flow will degenerate, the formation of some harmful substances, the human body is the same, the body of water in the human body flow and the normal cycle is also very important, when people by the wind evil After the birth of different parts of the pain, is the dampness evil to prevent the body's water and the normal circulation of the liquid plays a significant role in the human body can not Su down and enhance, not with the (skin) and sweat, will produce different Symptoms of the disease. People often say that rheumatism and other diseases. Healthy body to rely on the normal flow of liquid in order to make the body harmful to the health of excess waste excreted in addition to the body, to achieve smooth body, beneficial body Jiankang.

PVC hydrotherapy therapy indications: 1, PVC Spa Cover mainly in the treatment of sweating and dampness, gout, rheumatism, rheumatoid, joint pain, backache leg pain, all kinds of cervical and lumbar protrusion, bone hyperplasia, sciatica, Femoral head necrosis, stroke, hemiplegia. 2, PVC spa treatment for women, dysmenorrhea, menstruation does not tune, postpartum wind, acne, facial macula, haggard face, etc. have a significant effect. Through the PVC Spa Cover can detoxification beauty, reduce melanin activity, faded black to yellow, ruddy, remove body odor, skin lubrication. The beauty of a woman comes out of the PVC spa. Rather than by chemical pigments out of the beautiful. 3, PVC spa treatment can make the elderly and the elderly balance of the yin and yang, strengthen the functional cells, sterilization, all kinds of skin itching, early cold outside sensation, through the meridian, dehumidification to pain, mediate sleep, help fatigue people, Refreshing. 4, especially for a variety of intractable obesity, is also a very good way to lose weight, the effect is significant.