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PVC Spa Cover Of Benefits And Disadvantages
- Aug 15, 2017 -

PVC Spa Cover of benefits and disadvantages
1 PVC Spa Cover of the body in the process of continuous perspiration at high temperatures plus PVC spa suite in the tourmaline can release far infrared, the body can not only effectively detoxification beauty can also help blood pressure, improve body immunity and so on.
Whitening skin PVC Spa Cover can help whitening the skin because in the PVC Spa Cover of the process, tourmaline release far infrared can penetrate the bottom of the skin, so that your skin can be in such far infrared radiation to activate the skin cells, promote skin Cell metabolism, which can be left in the cells of the waste discharge, and the aging cells will be discharged, so that the skin after the PVC sets of clothing become more and more white, more and more delicate.
Weight loss often PVC Spa Cover can effectively help lose weight to lose weight. PVC Spa Cover of the process to speed up the body's metabolism, and because of temperature reasons, PVC Spa Cover of half an hour the body can rule out a lot of sweat, consume a lot of calories, which for obese people, is a diet without weight loss, Exercise to lose weight uncomfortable way to lose weight. But keep in mind that PVC suits are not suitable for all obese people. So, want to lose weight pro who have to find out in advance because of what causes obesity Oh.
Paiduyangyan PVC Spa Cover is different from the steam sauna is entirely by the high temperature to let the body a lot of perspiration, most people in the PVC spa suites inside 35 degrees Celsius temperature can stay for an hour or so without worrying about chest tightness, Because of this, therefore, PVC Spa Cover have enough time for the body to slowly accept it to release the negative ions, sub-ions and other elements to help the body better discharge toxins.
Improve the body immunity PVC Spa Cover of tourmaline released far infrared can effectively improve cell activity, so that it can promote the body's lymph circulation, residual in the body of heavy metals, toxins and other harmful substances to speed up the excretion of the speed , For the entire body of immune function can be effectively improved to help improve the body immunity.
Antihypertensive sedative PVC Spa Cover are a safe way to effectively buck, in the course of PVC Spa Cover of hyperthermia heat after the release of far infrared, negative ions and other beneficial substances to help the body a good self-adjustment. Especially for self-regulation of autonomic nerves, can be very good to help relieve nervous tension, insomnia headache and so discomfort.
Improve the body strain in front of the PVC coating also said the process, tourmaline can release far infrared into the bottom of the skin, you can effectively clear the meridians, and promote the body's blood circulation. And the body appears to strain the situation is very easy to lead to the presence of lactate accumulation of pain, lack of cell viability, etc., which can be alleviated in the PVC Spa Cover to improve physical strain.
PVC Spa Cover the process of the body in a high temperature state, this is not suitable for all. Especially for male friends, often PVC Spa Cover may affect fertility. May increase the burden on the heart of the PVC Spa Cover of the process because of the high temperature, the body will be a lot of sweating, resulting in excessive body fluid loss, the body of the electrolyte prone to chaos and the burden on the heart. So, want to PVC Spa Cover of friends must not patronize every day.
 May affect the male fertility PVC spa when the temperature is generally maintained at about 40 degrees Celsius, while the male sperm for the temperature requirements are more stringent. Often PVC Spa Cover, so that sperm at high temperatures will affect the growth of sperm, affecting sperm vitality can lead to serious male infertility. Male friends are also planning to fertility must not covet the comfort of PVC sets of clothes Oh