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PVC Spa Cover Of Nausea Vomiting What Is The Reason
- Aug 25, 2017 -

PVC Spa Cover of nausea vomiting what is the reason
PVC Spa Cover is a relatively physical and energy consumption activities, if the recent period of time the body is very weak, or often tired stay up late, PVC Spa Cover are more prone to nausea and vomiting. The main reason is that PVC Spa Cover may cause the following adverse reactions: 1, electrolyte loss. PVC Spa Cover of high temperature, will be a lot of sweating, if the amount of sweat beyond the human body to bear the scope, it will occur electrolyte imbalance, and then increase the burden of heart and lung caused by heart rate to accelerate nausea. 2, the brain hypoxia. In the high temperature environment epidermal vascular dilatation, most of the blood flow to the surface, resulting in relative lack of blood volume, a long time the brain is insufficient blood supply, it will cause dizziness caused by hypoxia. 3, low blood sugar. High temperature metabolism to speed up the body too much glycogen consumption, but also easily lead to hypoglycemic dizziness, especially when the fasting PVC Spa Cover.
PVC Spa Cover of nausea and dizziness how to do
The first trick: to add excessive salt water sweating too much sodium, potassium, calcium will be lost, easy to dehydration, resulting in limb weakness or dizziness, the appropriate replenishment of saline can help restore physical strength. In addition, you can also drink milk to supplement the consumption of protein and calcium.
Second strokes: rest of the body too tired people do not fit PVC Spa Cover, which will overdraft the body energy, so that the body is more weak. So PVC sets of dizziness nausea people, the recent period to reduce the workload, more rest charging.
The third measure: eat appetizers vomiting food PVC Spa Cover of nausea will have a poor appetite, then do not eat sweet, spicy food, you can eat some appetizers of hawthorn, plum and so on. note! PVC Spa Cover after a serious dizziness, disgusting symptoms, indicating physical deficiency, not suitable for PVC Spa Cover.
 PVC spa suite is one of several major effects can alleviate cervical spondylosis. Because the tourmaline PVC spa suite is the main core material is tourmaline, thermostat, far infrared electric film, tourmaline bamboo curtain, tourmaline brick and space high energy powder, tourmaline heating system heating, can be a good release Far infrared and negative oxygen ions and 0.06 mA micro current, these energy on the human body, will have a role in the human body to promote blood circulation, get through the neural network. So the cervical spine has ease and treatment effect. Winter season, we should take care of yourself, you do it? Korean-style PVC Spa Cover let you have a beautiful and healthy yourself.
PVC Spa Cover are not too much off-season and season points. We can analyze the reasons for them
    Most people are accustomed to winter to warm place, summer to cool place, and some consumers will feel the summer was very hot, if you go to the temperature of more than 40 degrees in the room, will not be very uncomfortable? Here I would like to remind you, first of all you want to understand the main purpose of our visit to the PVC spa suite is what?
    One of the purposes: Paiduyangyan. Paiduyangyan need every day, so there is no light season;
    The purpose of the second: weight loss. Summer came, many women put on the summer, then found himself in the past few months accumulated a lot of excess fat, then it is not going to rock bath or hot stone health room to reduce fat it?
The purpose of the three: hypnotic decompression, relax. As people continue to increase the pressure of life and work, there are more people hope that through an effective way to ease the insomnia, boredom mood. We all know that Japan's white-collar workers every day the pressure is very large, and now many white-collar workers in Japan at high consumption to go to the rock bath. I would like to ask, hypnotic decompression, relax the mood there is no light season?
    Second, PVC Spa Cover, rock bath baths, hot stone health room, will release a lot of negative oxygen ions, negative oxygen ions can ease the body fatigue, relax, to avoid the feeling of chest tightness, so even if the room temperature is high , There will be no chest tightness, the feeling of difficulty breathing.
    Under normal circumstances, the summer temperature of 30-38 degrees, if the 42 degrees from the rock bath or hot stone health room to come out, there will be a very cool feeling, I believe we will have such a common sense of life.