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Sales Channels For Spa Accessory
- Jul 13, 2017 -

Sales channels for Spa Accessory

Do a line must make sense of a line, if you do the Spa Accessory, did not even understand your product sales channels, or high very single, then you won't have high income, focus on explaining the Spa Accessory for you today 9 big sales channels and definition.

1, exclusive outlets

In 2010, sales of Spa Accessory accounted for about 6.2%. Specializing in the sales of Spa Accessory, the shop has the characteristics of relatively refined product positioning and higher customer loyalty. At present, the specialty shops are concentrated in second and third-tier cities, with a large number and continuous improvement of quality. At present, specialty stores have become a channel for many emerging or niche brands to enter the market.

2. Pharmacy channels

As a marketing channel for Spa Accessory, cosmo shop is still in its infancy in China, with sales accounting for about 7.2% in 2010, mainly involving some cosmo products. The brand is easy to acquire brand recognition and customer loyalty, which makes it easy to impress consumers with high efficiency and professionalism. However, the pharmacy channel is narrow, and the promotion of Spa Accessory is relatively difficult.

3. Department store channel

Department store channels are another major channel for sales of Spa Accessory, accounting for about 28.1 percent of sales in 2010. At present, the number of large and high-end department stores is increasing, and the number of small and medium-sized department stores is declining gradually. Department stores have the highest density in first-tier cities, and the number of second - and third-tier cities is increasing.

In the face of fierce competition, domestic department stores have developed the trend of high-end products, large-scale organization, chain, regional subsidence and one-stop shopping.

4. Supermarkets and big-box stores

As wal-mart, carrefour and other international hypermarket into the domestic market and expand penetration and, in recent years, supermarket and hypermarket has become urban residents to buy daily necessities, food and daily chemical products are the most commonly used channel.

In 2010, it accounted for 35.3% of the sales volume of the channel, which has become one of the main sales channels and has been increasing in recent years. It is predicted that the number of future supermarkets and stores will continue to rise, and the amount and amount of Spa Accessory sold through the channel will continue to increase.

5. Personal care stores and convenience store channels

Personal care stores and convenience store channels accounted for about 5.8 percent of the sales of Spa Accessory in 2010, which has been increasing in recent years. In recent years, the personal care shop that represents has become one of the important channels for spas to enter the market, and the sales performance is generally considerable.

6. Direct marketing channels

Direct selling means selling and selling products to the end consumers directly through direct sellers. Some domestic and foreign brands have chosen to rely on direct selling methods for the sales of Spa Accessory, such as Avon. In 2010, sales of the channel were about 13.2%.

7, shopping

Mainly by the effect of TV media products and product information, brand shaping of media, now do TV media enterprise is not much, the main reason for the offline conversion into consideration.

8. Beauty salon sales

The beauty industry in recent years with the Spa Accessory industry has come to an unprecedented era of glory, people living standard rise, the pursuit of beauty has been a tendency to mechanization, such as some beauty institutions, it also become one of the Spa Accessory business sales channels.

9. Network channels

In 2010, sales of Spa Accessory accounted for about 3.1 percent. Shopping network has been growing rapidly in recent years. Statistics show that in 2011, the market of shopping market in China was 7,66.6 billion yuan, up 66.3 percent from 2010, and its scale was growing rapidly.

As the Internet and mobile Internet new media becoming more mature, many businesses through bold also made a lot of common sense, if you want to look for the network platform we sichuan jas, we in line with creating value for customers, good faith cooperation attitude, sincerely welcome you to join us. Spa Accessory are one of the important products of network sales. With the further popularization of the Internet and the booming development of shopping, the future development potential of Spa Accessory network sales channels is huge.