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Some Tips To Reduce Costs For Your Hot Tub
- Dec 27, 2018 -

Following are some great tips that will help you reduce the monthly cost of using your hot tub. I suggest you could try all of theseto keep your hot tub runs as efficiently as possible.

Tip 1: Check Your Hot Tub Cover Firstly

The first thing you should do is check your hot tub cover. The plain covers that come with your hot tub are not made from the best material and do not do a great job at preventing heat loss from your hot tub. Instead, try purchasing a hot tub cover that includes a radiant heat shield on the inside. This will help insulate your hot tub and reduce the heat loss from the surface of the water.

spa cover heat shield

Tip 2: Always Keep Your Hot Tub Clean

If there is one thing that I cannot stress enough, it is keeping your hot tub clean. This isn't just because it is the healthy thing to do. A hot tub that has a dirty filter and bad water flow will have to work much harder to clean the water. A system that has to work harder, will also work longer, meaning that you will use more power in order for your filter to do its job. A simple cleaning will keep the water flow at the correct levels so the system can clean your water without destroying your wallet in the process.

Tip 3: Check The Lights

Some hot tubs come equipped with lights making them perfect for nighttime bathing. However, the lights that come with your hot tub are not always the most energy efficient out there. Today, you can easily find long-lasting LED lights that use far less energy than the standard bulbs you will find in your hot tub. This will reduce the energy you use while you bathe.

Tip 4: Close The Air Jets

Your jets inject air into the water and are responsible for all that warm, bubbly, churning water that you use for relaxation. However, when you are not using your hot tub, leaving these air jets open will allow cool air to leak into the system. This will cool your water making our heat pump work harder and longer to heat the water. When you are not using your hot tub, close those jets so this cool air doesn't make its way into your system. Your heat pump will be glad you did.

Tip 5: Upgrade Your Hot Tub

In some cases, you may just have to upgrade your hot tub. Some hot tubs are just too old and aren't built to run as efficiently as a new one. While there will be higher costs on the front end, in the long run you will save money on your monthly bills. When all is said and done, I'm confident that you will come out ahead.

We all love to save money, but our hot tub can easily syphon away our money faster than it can heat the water. By using some of these tips, you can reduce the costs of operating your hot tub each month. In the end, your wallet will thank you, and you can enjoy a warm soak in your hot tub all year long without having to worry about how much it is costing you.