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Spa Cover Are The Best Choice For Your Modern Life Care
- Jul 25, 2017 -

Spa Cover are the best choice for your modern life care
Spa Cover room principle:
Korean-style Spa Cover room is the use of special materials and infrared reflection principle, heating people sweat and the formation of a high fever physical therapy. Through the absorption of special materials after heating, infrared, negative ions, ions, mineral elements, metabolic skin harmful substances, improve skin elasticity, promote systemic blood circulation and metabolism, so as to achieve beauty, body and the role of some chronic diseases.

The five major effects of spa care:

1, Spa Cover room and beauty:

With the increase of age, skin microvascular decrease, skin blood supply began to decline, relaxation, decreased elasticity, coupled with ultraviolet radiation, easy to form dark spots, freckles and wrinkles. Spa care room in four or five minutes of experience, the general situation will make people sweating, sweat so that necrotic skin kelak naturally fall off, a large number of negative ions and trace elements in the role of heat radiation can activate the skin tissue cells, Increased activity of melanin and phagocytosis of leukocytes, enhance cell regeneration and water retention, repair cell regeneration, achieve anti-inflammatory sterilization, eliminate the purpose of harmful substances in the skin , So as to keep the skin cool and smooth, to avoid youth tease, acne, stains and other generation. At the same time on obesity also play a certain therapeutic effect

2, Spa Cover room and pain:

Head, neck, waist, leg pain and other diseases are long-term harm the physical and mental health of the disease, clinical treatment methods are different, and the effect is not very satisfactory. By the tourmaline germanium carbon heating plate on the lesion and the whole body for the irradiation, can promote blood vessels to expand and accelerate blood circulation, so that the affected area and the whole body blood circulation to improve, to clear the meridians, conditioning blood, relieve muscle tension, regulate the nervous system Features. Promote the improvement of nutrition and metabolism outside the lesion, improve tissue regeneration ability, to promote wound healing, shorten the anti-inflammatory, analgesic time have a significant effect.

3, Spa Cover room and health care:

Regulate acidic body, eliminate fatigue and aging caused by lactic acid, from fatty acids, causing gout of uric acid and other substances that hinder the metabolism of acidic substances. Balance the body's pH, when the body fluids were weak alkaline health, and vice versa was weak alkaline, visceral function is not normal, slow metabolism, a variety of diseases will be followed. Constant body fluid acid-base balance is an important condition to maintain the normal metabolism of cells, and determine the body fluid acid, alkalinity is an important condition: hydrogen concentration decreased, so that the body was weak alkaline, so as to achieve the body's acid and alkalinity balance.

4, Spa Cover room and detoxification:

The body has accumulated a lot of toxins, such as sodium, alcohol, nicotine, cholesterol, carcinogenic heavy metal ions (cadmium, lead, zinc, nickel), low temperature sweat the most effective detoxification method. Carbide germanium carbon heating plate issued by the photon energy in a low temperature environment, a lot of sweating, the body accumulated a large number of toxins and cosmetic residues with sweat excreted, by stimulating the sweat glands to improve the permeability of the skin, play detoxification and Clean ability.

5, Spa Cover room and postpartum recovery:

As we all know, women because of childbearing, most people will appear in the postpartum headache, low back pain and joint pain and many other diseases, if not treated in time, will have an impact on health, so people often use Chinese medicine to drink a few cotton quilts sweat The original method of this method is the most flawed when the sweating is not comprehensive and more painful. By the tourmaline germanium carbon heating plate in the low temperature environment sweating, can maternal 38-42 ℃ throughout the body evenly and thoroughly sweat, promote blood circulation, increase immunity, prevent the occurrence of various diseases, if accompanied by Pain, the appropriate increase in the number of spa care, in order to eliminate the disease as soon as possible.