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Spa Cover At Home Do Facial Spa Treatments
- May 24, 2017 -

Spa Cover At home do facial spa treatments

  1, facial cleansing steps of the spa

  The first step, hand and face to keep dry, the cleansing products placed in the palm of the hand to circular cleaning face.

  The second step, then rinse thoroughly with warm water. After cleaning the face, spray with cold spray 5-8 minutes.

  2, the face of the skin of the soft skin steps

  The first step, with a special cotton pad to take the amount of infiltration of milk in the face of five points to open (forehead, cheeks, nose, jaw), starting from the face of the center, from the inside out gently to the absorption.

  The second step, accompanied by massage techniques, from the inside out gently to appease the skin to the whole face absorption. Nasal and other rough parts of the nose, but also to carefully wipe, hair lines and ears should also be carefully applied. With the essence + lotion + toner mix thoroughly 1: 1: 2 ratio can be transferred to the emulsion first with a brush evenly coated on the face of a thin layer.

  3, facial massage of the steps

  The first step, take a teaspoon of amount of moisturizing liquid in the special cotton, pat the whole face wipe to absorb.

  The second step, accompanied by massage techniques, from the inside out gently to appease the skin. Will prepare the non-woven mask paper soaked with toner, deposited in the face, and then brush the rest of the emulsion coated on the mask paper for 30 minutes.

  4, atmosphere and taste

  Spa Cover If you do a facial spa spa at home, it is recommended that you create the atmosphere and taste that Spa belongs to, which can be used to create an atmosphere by lighting and music. After you can change the wide and light non-binding clothes, point the aroma candles, play NewAge music, to wake up the visual, auditory and olfactory feelings. Then you can wash the face makeup and dust, start shampoo, massage the entire head, relieve tension, stimulate the cycle and ease headaches.

  Spa effect and effect

  A person who wants to sculpture a body

  Spa massage machine strong motor generated by the super-oxygen bubbles, like tens of thousands of small hands on your body beat, push rub, shiatsu, massage, experts pointed out that 15 minutes of SPA bath, the equivalent of jogging 3-5 km, also You can eliminate 300-500 calories, to achieve the effect of body movement. Several times down all the excess fat and covered with fat in the process of enjoying the Spa inadvertently completely disappeared, slim curve, graceful body can easily have.

  2. Those who want to have white skin

  SPA spa machine super whitening effect, can remove chemical pigmentation, showing smooth skin, restore elasticity, to prevent aging, activation of cells, convergence wrinkles. At the same time can be a milk bath, when you enjoy the spa massage time, as long as the pool plus 500cc milk, so that a touch of milk moisturizing your every inch of the skin, several times down, white delicate skin blowing break See people love.

  3. People with skin disorders

  SPA strong ultrasonic water can penetrate the subcutaneous tissue, quickly remove the pores of the obstruction, live gas sterilization effect, to avoid bacteria, microbial infection, improve allergies, infectious skin diseases, so that the body every day to do a thorough health clean, do not worry Problem skin affects health and beauty problems.

  4. easy to menstrual pain

  As the saying goes, the pain is unreasonable, the general does not hurt, as long as a week before menstruation every day to enjoy GreenlifeSPA spa bath, you can smooth the pain, because the warm SPA water can make the blood circulation smooth, menstrual normal, no pain The

  5. Spa Cover In the elderly health care, physical therapy

  Hypertension, diabetes, rheumatism, arthritis, back pain is the most vulnerable to the elderly in the elderly, as long as the elderly every day to enjoy a SPA massage, so that a strong ultrasonic oxygen bubbles for your relaxation of muscle, eliminate soreness, Health viscera, strong bones to promote blood circulation, so as to achieve self-care and longevity purposes.

  6. long-term insomnia people

  A SPA spa massage, so complicated thoughts with the bubble rhythm, all the troubles left, so that the body and mind to achieve a calm and serene state, to ensure that from the farewell insomnia, every night to dawn.