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Spa Cover Lifter Maintenance
- Aug 21, 2018 -

Because they are manufactured to be used in hot, steamy environments around water and chemicals, spa cover lifters are typically made from stainless steel or composite materials, just like aluminum alloy. Their components resist corrosion and are simple to care for. Just keep your eyes out for a few potential issues, and you can enjoy your cover lifter for years.

1.Inspect the Lifter Components

Whenever you use your spa cover lifter, watch the arms to see whether they are bending under the weight of your spa cover.

As your spa cover becomes waterlogged over time, it will place undue strain on your lifter. You will need to replace your cover (or at least the foam core) when this happens, but if you allow it to damage your lifter, you will end up repairing or replacing that too. This is part of why proper cover care is so important.

When it is time to drain and clean your spa, every three to four months, be sure to inspect all the components of your spa cover lifter. Grab a screwdriver or socket wrench and tighten up brackets and hinges, if needed.

2.Clean the Lifter Parts

No matter what type of spa cover lifter you choose, you will need to keep it clean to keep it in good working order. There is no need for any special type of cleaner. Just a mild multi-purpose cleaner on a soft cloth is enough to give the arms a wipe down to remove grit or debris that could inhibit their movement.

If moving parts are squeaking, a little spray of water-resistant silicone lubricant should eliminate the problem. Protect your spa cabinet and shell from overspray by holding a cloth under any part you spray.