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Spa Cover Open Up Beautiful Life
- Aug 25, 2017 -

Spa Cover open up beautiful life
 Life is the most precious life, life is the most precious health, health is the most precious health. Old language stresses spring health, summer Yang Yi, Qiu Yang, and winter solid fine. Spring as the beginning of the year, the spring of health is the way for the health of this year, the cornerstone of the road, so Han steam here to remind you: spring Spa Cover is to focus on liver and spleen, this time is particularly important health , One day is the morning, one year is the spring. Spring is the season of recovery of all things, the warmth of the breeze is the warm season. This season the body's internal organs are in the metabolism, in the change, this time people have to do a good job cleaning the stomach, prevent disease, prevent recurrence of the work.
Cells are the smallest units of physiology, any body tissues and organs, are accumulated through the cells one by one, structure up. Almost all of the metabolism is carried out in cells, so cells can be said to be the basis of life. However, the phospholipids on the cell membrane are susceptible to free radical attack, causing lipid peroxidation. At this time, we need in the Spa Cover to the right amount of far infrared rays to subcutaneous deep tissue temperature rise, expansion of microvascular, promote blood flow, strengthen the blood and cell tissue metabolism, the recovery of young cells have a great help, but also improve Anemia, to promote the body's immune system to improve exercise, the body more healthy.
 Longevity is the ultimate goal of health, health is the basis of longevity, life is not the law, often overtime stay up late and lack of exercise, will lead to fixed life habits, making the disease become a modern unspeakable. And toxins, bacteria will invade the blood circulation system, so that the burden on the body increased. Modern animal food intake, relative to the blood will be more of a lot of cholesterol, blood fat, resulting in a heavy burden of blood circulation. So the appropriate detoxification beauty, health care, has become an important issue of environmental protection in the body. Spa Cover industry has also been concerned about the crowd!
Now the legendary Spa Cover center, the use of far infrared effect, issued 5.6-15 micron band far infrared with penetrating characteristics, it can penetrate the body skin deep to 4-5CM, through the body itself issued by the same infrared frequency And produce resonance, so that you in the process of comfortable low-temperature perspiration toxins from the body. Common toxins are mercury (whitening cosmetics often have), lead, cadmium and some other heavy metals and various chemical residues. Spa Cover to help the body to discharge long-term accumulation in the skin of the washing supplies residue, air conditioning powder. Improve the skin's blood circulation, enhance the absorption of nutrition, make the skin shiny and delicate. And far infrared infiltration into the body below 4 cm deep skin, so that cells absorb energy, speed up blood circulation, remove sweat, fat burning heat. 40 minutes in the Spa Cover room, can release the equivalent of jogging 10 km of burning heat. The International Health Organization (WHO) proposes a standard that insists at least half an hour of aerobic exercise every day.
Spring moist weight, temperature suitable, often drowsy, doing things listless, and Spa Cover far infrared can effectively repair damaged cells, enhance cell activity, warm body blood, wake up the body vitality, quickly get rid of sleepy, enhance physical vitality, so that The body is healthier.
Benefits of Spring Spa Cover 1: Elimination of free radicals
The body of free radicals attacks and destroys cells within a variety of executive functions of biomolecules, causing cell damage and lesions, and accelerating body senescence. Under the action of negative ions, human cells are activated, body fluids remain weakly reduced, all kinds of free radicals do not activate, can effectively reduce free radicals, enhance the overall immunity, slow down aging, and achieve the effect of beauty.
Spring Spa Cover Benefits 2: Improve physical strain
Spa Cover room in the tourmaline issued after the far infrared can penetrate into the depths of the human body, acting on the human skeleton near the ligaments and muscle tissue, so that blood vessels expand, clear the meridians, the use of blood circulation and metabolism. The principle of its role is to small molecules in the body of water to increase the penetration of water in the human body and the ability to dissolve the body to speed up the suffering of lactate metabolism, increased cell viability and change the cell lesions. This is also the process of Spa Cover can be relieved once the symptoms of back pain.