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Spa Cover To Achieve What Indicators To Ensure That The Safety Of Consumers Do It
- Jun 27, 2017 -

Spa Cover to achieve what indicators to ensure that the safety of consumers do it
 Spa Cover pool is the use of water quality, buoyancy, shock and other physical elements, to relax the physical and mental health, the full application of water relative to the swimming pool has been more changes in the water treatment is more complex, :

        Temperature: the temperature of the spa treatment pool will generally be controlled at 32 degrees or more, much higher than the swimming pool water temperature, the pool room temperature will rise to many, in the high temperature and humidity environment, the body wait and see sweat rate increased dramatically , Therefore, the water treatment of water in the water treatment is more difficult.
        The impact of water, the impact of water is the main characteristics of the spa treatment pool, it is strong and soft impact makes people extremely comfortable put it down, but it also at the same time the body's skin off the same as sandblasting into the collapse, Because of the resulting residual chlorine chlorine odor caused by distress. Leading to no additional chlorine, and into the water quality deterioration of the water cycle.
        Ultrasonic massage: spa treatment pool of air ultrasound massage has a fascinating fun, the bubble burst in the moment the resulting ultrasonic frequency and the result of human body fat resonance is the accumulation of human lipid accumulation in the water is not easy to disperse the floating The
        Water / area load: The amount of water in the spa treatment pool is much less than that of the swimming pool, but it is also relatively vigilant about the volume per unit area of the pool water. For the filtration of the spa treatment pool, the treatment of organic fat is Is much more important.
        Water quality chemistry: due to a large number of air continuous Spa Cover pool, the total alkalinity in the pool of water accumulation will continue to maintain a high pH range, making the chemical strength of chlorine formulations decreased, can not effectively solve the loss of Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Physical itching cases, consumer disputes continue.
        Hydraulic machinery: the spa and the swimming pool in the use of the biggest differences, some people will move in the pool area, when the water in the ultrasonic massage and hydraulic shock start, no clarity has been unable to determine, (Suction Entrapment, see clumsy: falling head) can not be visualized, the emergency power and swimming cap requirements than the swimming pool much higher.

In view of the characteristics of the Spa Cover pool, we have strongly recommended that the managers of the Spa Cover pool should make use of the superchloride preparation, the dispersant and the ozone powder to solve the weakening of the chlorine preparation, the odor and the foam accumulation The problem is so that the water drive license is healthy and bright as the pool quality. The following conditions are recommended for consumers as a reference for selecting a spa pool to maintain their own personal safety.