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Spa Mold Develops New Trends Ahead Of Development To Accelerate Industrial Progress
- Sep 15, 2017 -

Spa Mold develops new trends ahead of development to accelerate industrial progress
Vigorously improve the development capacity, the development work as far as possible to push forward until the Spa Mold users involved in product development, even before there is no clear user object development, change the passive. At present, the TV and monitor shell, air conditioner shell, motorcycle plastic parts have been used in this way, mobile phone and telephone spa Mold development has begun to try. This practice has been broken for a long time, Spa Mold factory can only wait for the contract, in accordance with user requirements for Spa Mold design passive situation.
With the increase in Spa Mold's design and processing level, Spa Mold's manufacturing is shifting from relying on fitter skills to relying primarily on technology. This is not only the transformation of production means, but also the transformation of the mode of production and the rise of ideas. This trend has led to the increasing standardization of Spa Mold, the increasing sophistication of Spa Mold, the shorter and shorter production cycles, the lower the proportion of fitters and the continuous improvement of the overall level of Spa Mold industry. China Spa Mold industry now has more than 10 state-level high-tech enterprises, about 200 provincial and municipal high-tech enterprises.
With this trend to adapt to the production of Spa Mold's main backbone of the technical talent from the gradual transformation of technology-based talent is an inevitable requirement. Of course, for a long time, skilled talent is still very important, because Spa Mold, after all, is difficult to completely get rid of the skills to rely on.
Spa Mold business and its Spa Mold production are developing rapidly towards information. In the information society, as a high level of modern Spa Mold business, just the application of CAD / CAM is far from enough. At present, many enterprises have adopted CAE, CAT, PDM, CAPP, KBE, KBS, RE, CIMS, ERP and other technology and other advanced manufacturing technology and virtual network technology, these are information technology performance. To the direction of the development of information technology has become the industry consensus.
Not only is the plastic industry need to introduce new, including, electrical and electronic waste disposal, solid waste recycling, waste car recycling, waste paper recycling and other industries need to improve the ability of independent innovation. Light to improve their internal strength is not enough, but also adhere to the development of the solution to the problem in advance, change the new mode of development, to meet the trend, relying on innovation-driven development, to the direction of information technology to accelerate the industry steady progress.
Compared to the previous, China's Spa Mold technology level has greatly improved, but the domestic spa Mold industry production of high school low-end ratio is very uneven, which is not conducive to the development of China's Spa Mold industry. Although the past few years, China's Spa Mold industry structure and system has made a great change, mainly as follows: high-end Spa Mold, large, sophisticated, complex, long life. But because of China's middle and low spa Mold demand is too large, and in the high-end Spa Mold is self-allocation rate of less than 60% .It is not difficult to see that one of the unreasonable.
They are mainly reflected in the following aspects: First, Spa Mold steel and other constraints; Second, the level of standardization to be improved; Third, high-end Spa Mold personnel need to nurture; Fourth, accelerate the pace of Spa Mold product structure adjustment; To strengthen the innovation capacity; 6, to promote the joint restructuring of Spa Mold enterprises; seven, overseas market development to be deepened.
Improve the level of technology
As the downstream industry, especially the key to the automotive industry and the core Spa Mold on the import of a higher degree of dependence, making the relevant host products required a series of key, core injection products are mainly provided by these internationally renowned Spa Mold enterprises.
In recent years, the cabinet enterprises continue to improve the Spa Mold technology and products, therefore, some Spa Mold or injection parts began to flow in the international, successful among some high-end industry supply chain system, but also replace some of the imported products, Dependency on it. But it is undeniable that among the international high-end market is only a small part.