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Spa Mold In The Processing Of The Notes
- Jun 27, 2017 -

Spa Mold in the processing of the Notes
There are many types of Spa Molds, in order to provide users with more accurate products, users in the use of products, can get a better user experience. So, what is the Spa Mold it, in the processing of the time, need to pay attention to what the problem? Here, we come to share with you some of the relevant content, hoping to help to everyone.
We should know that when we process a product, we have different requirements for the shape of the product. Su Yi, will need to use some molds to achieve their goals. The so-called Spa Mold, in fact, when we need to get a certain part of the structural shape of the time, in advance to other relatively easy to deal with the material made of the same shape, and then into the mold in the sand, so they have to maintain its shape Consistent a cavity. If we put the required material into the liquid, after cooling, you can get the same parts.
Indifferent, in order to ensure the use of parts performance, we will have some accuracy requirements. This is not only related to the use of the product performance, but also a direct impact on the economic process of the production process. Therefore, in order to ensure the accuracy of the size of the Spa Mold, we must ensure that the performance of parts under the premise of combined with other relevant factors to consider, and ultimately determine the specific treatment.
For the production of Spa Mold work, we must meet some requirements, the specific content is: 1, in advance to determine the shape accuracy of parts; 2, the rough surface of the parts; 3, parts of the surface between the accuracy; Parts of the dimensional accuracy of processing; 4, the hardness of parts; 5, the specific requirements of heat treatment; 5, consider other special requirements.
 For the Spa Mold, in the design work, in order to ensure its performance, we need to follow a certain request to complete the design work for its. So, do you know when the design, the specific steps is what? We have to explain the next on the Spa Mold design on the main steps, hoping to help everyone.
     First, before the design work begins, the first thing we need to do is to analyze the feasibility of the product to ensure the accuracy of the design work. For the design of the Spa Mold, we need to make the components of its components of the product drawings, through the use of design software for analysis, so as to ensure the correctness of the various parts, on the other hand, also help us to familiar with the various parts Of the content, so that later the design work will have some help.
     After the analysis, we also need to determine the content in advance, according to the specific requirements of the product selected the appropriate mold structure and materials, and then the product row process, to determine the process of the Spa Mold processing activities. In the need to stamping the contents of the identified, including in the mold, but also need to select the thickness of the product material, which will be more convenient to determine the size of convex and concave die.
     After the preparation work is completed, we can carry out the preliminary drawing work as required. In this process, we must take full account of many factors. In addition, in the process of drawing the Spa Mold, it should be noted that for each different process, should be drawn to complete the graphics, and should be all the size of the table should be clear in order to facilitate the follow-up work.