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Spa Mold Space Air Dirty And Dull Handling
- Jul 25, 2017 -

Spa Mold space air dirty and dull handling

  Indoor warm water Spa Mold because of heating energy consumption considerations, it is generally closed doors and windows to prevent the decline in room temperature and water temperature, so that the smell of chlorine in the air, carbon dioxide and humidity increased, this time will make wet, mildew And other phenomena, the outdoor temperature is low when the glass window will be filled with water mist, after dew point when there will be water droplets stains, easy to make people feel dirty and boring. The processing method is as follows:

   1. Keep the indoor negative pressure: the exhaust fan to the closed doors and windows of the indoor continuous pumping, the formation of indoor air pressure (air pressure) is less than the outdoor pressure to the exhaust fan as a negative pressure power source, rather than for the purpose of ventilation. The wind is the biggest drop in the temperature of the swimming pool, the biggest difference between the indoor negative pressure and the ventilation in the number of exhaust fans and wind holes, the exhaust fan, the wind hole will cause negative pressure. More wind, exhaust fan is less ventilation. The advantage of indoor negative pressure is the indoor air flow replacement, oxygen increased, the gas will be better. Negative pressure makes the indoor air dew point drop, water vapor will not form dew. Indoor negative pressure makes the gaseous trichloramine to be discharged outdoors, reducing indoor chlorosis.

   Second, the dehumidification: the lower the specific humidity of the air also decreased, the body surface heat easier, it is not easy to sweat, the human body feel more comfortable and not hot, and this is the recent heat pump (Heat-Pump) in the Spa Mold by vigorously One of the recommended main functions, heat pump in addition to the humidity control, the corresponding enthalpy in the humidity is also the most efficient heat recovery applications, is one of the most worthy of promotion.

   3. fan + ultraviolet radiation: bacteria, molds because of ultraviolet radiation and rapid death, which is well known. UV radiation is another function in the photo at the same time will produce ozone, ozone driven by the fan under the four flutter, resulting in disinfection and deodorant function, further purification of the air, making the room look much cleaner. The use of ultraviolet light do not have to take into account the personnel and decoration damage, but also to take into account the destruction of chlorine in the water.

   Fourth, the elimination of chlorosis Source: Spa Mold space in the air will feel dirty and boring another reason is the combination of residual chlorine is caused by chloramine, this time the dirty dull from the water, should be for the water Improve the treatment, therefore, should make better use of DPD residual chlorine test of the third agent to confirm the pool of residual chlorine content, generally 0.4ppm has been caused by swimmer's troubles, and therefore, the elimination of chlorinated drugs Such as ozone powder, chlorine and other types of water quality control of the water is the indoor swimming leisure water indispensable important role.