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Spa Pipe Spa Spa Irritation
- May 24, 2017 -

Spa Pipe Spa water stimulation method. Spa water temperature and heat capacity are large, easy to carry heat. The way of heat transfer there are two kinds of conduction and convection. Water in addition to heat transfer, and there are mechanical effects, such as buoyancy, pressure and water flow, the impact of water jet. Water can dissolve a variety of substances, drugs, these solutes can also play a therapeutic role. Water therapy can be used alone or for comprehensive treatment. Spa is easy to do spa care, unlike drug therapy as much side effects, nor as a spa therapy by the resort location, the environment, the conditions of the restrictions.

  Spa Pipe Spa has a lot of efficacy in the spa, mainly: constant temperature cooling, muscle relaxation, brain cell regeneration resurrection, increased blood oxygen, promote heart function, promote blood circulation, skin bleaching, pore cleaning, remove body odor, remove skin aging horny Layer and so on. Her principle is through the use of a variety of spa equipment, the water is absorbed in the oxygen, and the massage of the massage to the point of treatment and health care to the role of vitality, giving health

  Hydrostatic pressure stimulation

  In the ordinary bath, the hydrostatic pressure is 40 ~ 60g / cm. Patients wash the bath when the chest, abdominal pressure, breathing some degree of difficulty, the patient should be forced to compensate for breathing, which regulates the metabolism of the gas. Hydrostatic pressure affects the blood circulation, oppression of the body surface of the blood vessels and lymphatic vessels, can promote the increase in body fluid reflux, causing body fluid redistribution.

  Impact of water flow

  Shower, direct bath, needle-like shower have a lot of mechanical stimulation. Clinical use of 2 to 3 atmospheric pressure of the omni-directional flow of the human body, this time the role of mechanical stimulation prevails, and the water temperature may be lower, but cause significant vascular dilatation, and excitement of the nervous system.

  Buoyancy effect

  Spa Pipe According to the Archimedes principle, objects immersed in water are subjected to an upward buoyancy (whose size is equal to the weight of the same volume of water excluded from the object). Based on the buoyancy effect, in the water activities more effort. The body's weight lost in water is about 9/10 of body weight. For bedsore, burns, multiple neuritis patients with bath, can avoid the pressure of the body, while the buoyancy of water can be used for water movement. Orthodontic patients are more likely to move in water. Muscle spasms and atrophy can be water gymnastics and massage and other treatment.

  Chemical stimulation

  Spa Pipe The water used in the fresh water bath contains trace minerals. If you add a small amount of mineral salts, drugs and gases to the water, the stimulation of these chemical substances can enhance the role of the spa and make the body to obtain a special therapeutic effect.