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Spa Pipe Strong Low Temperature Performance
- Oct 17, 2017 -

Spa Pipe Strong low temperature performance
Our company is well-known manufacturer of Spa Pipe, the company has many years of production experience, product quality, excellent prices, by the new and old customers praise. Here, our company to tell you about the Spa Pipe low temperature performance of how strong.
Spa pipe low temperature brittle point of -70 ℃, better than other pipes. In the winter field construction polyvinyl chloride (PVC-U) tube is easy to brittle, there is a clear special evidence, in order to improve the toughness of PP and low temperature impact resistance, ethylene and propylene monomer copolymerization made of random copolymer Polypropylene (PP-R), which generally uses iPP process route and method, so that propylene and ethylene mixed gas copolymerization, the main chain in the distribution of propylene and ethylene in the distribution of copolymer, PP-R tube Most of the ethylene content of materials in about 3%. But the improved PP-R low temperature performance is still unsatisfactory, the embrittlement point of about -15 ℃, much higher than the polyethylene pipe embrittlement point temperature -70 ℃.
I as a company specializing in the production of Spa Pipe enterprises, the company has a sound production equipment for enterprises to provide Spa Pipe to do the most powerful backing. We will be in good faith, high quality, excellent service for the purpose, invites friends at home and abroad visit the guide, we would like to cooperate in good faith, enhance friendship and work together.
Spa Pipe At present, China's municipal pipe market, Spa Pipe is steadily developing, Spa Pipe, PP-R pipe, UPVC pipe has a place, which Spa Pipe strong momentum of development is the most impressive. Spa Pipe has a wide range of uses. Which gives the water pipe and gas pipe is its two largest application market.
PE resin: is made of monomer ethylene polymerization, due to the polymerization pressure, temperature and other polymerization conditions are different, can be obtained different density of resin, and thus high density polyethylene, medium density polyethylene and low density poly Ethylene In the processing of different types of Spa Pipe material, according to their application conditions, the choice of different resin grades, while the requirements of the extruder and mold are also different.
Spa Pipe: Water supply with Spa Pipe is a traditional steel pipe, PVC drinking water pipe replacement products. Water pipes must withstand a certain pressure, usually to use a large molecular weight, mechanical properties of better PE resin, such as HDPE resin. LDPE resin has low tensile strength, poor pressure resistance, poor rigidity, poor dimensional stability during molding, and difficulty in connection, and is not suitable as a material for water supply pressure pipes. However, due to its higher health indicators, LDPE, especially LLDPE resin has become a common material for the production of drinking water pipes.
Spa Pipe appearance of the role of what role, many customers feel that Spa Pipe used to do underground mining time, the appearance of the performance of this technical indicators are not concerned, but the fact is not the case, in fact, Spa Pipe appearance is the initial test spa Pipe has the first step in the problem, then here simply talk about the importance of appearance performance.
Spa Pipe in our lives, is also a more common kind of pipe, Spa Pipe pipe surface should be clean and smooth, do not allow bubbles, obvious scratches, depression, impurities, uneven color and other defects, the tube should be cut Flat and perpendicular to the tube axis.
Spa Pipe has stretchability, but Spa Pipe's stretch on the Spa Pipe what benefits? So here's a brief talk about the benefits of stretch.
The macromolecule polymer has the widest range of mechanical properties in all known materials because of its high molecular weight composition due to the long chain molecules and the molecular motion with significant relaxation properties. Such as high polymer material has a very high elongation, the general elongation of PE elongation of 90% to 950%, through a special production process, part of the elongation of materials can be above 1000%, while the general high Material elongation at break is also more than 50% to 100%. Generally, the tensile properties of the material are required to have a heat-shrinkable film and a stretch film.