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Spa Step Method And Procedure Of Spa Health Care
- May 24, 2017 -

Spa Step Spa treatment methods and steps. Spa we often hear, but many people are not too clear about its meaning, we usually say SPA is a spa, the biggest purpose of the spa is to eliminate physical illness or pain, its approach There are three major categories, one is the temperature, the second is the chemical, the third is the machinery, today we have to come together to understand the method and precautions of the spa health care, and specifically understand how the spa should do.

  The Germans are the first to use the spa as a medical means for healing, and hydrotherapy is certainly inseparable from the water. By adjusting the temperature of the water, the health material is added to the body for soaking the body and the therapeutic effect is achieved because the water is simple , And unlike the side effects of drugs so much, so very popular with everyone's welcome.

  Spa Healthcare

  Spa Step Now people's kidneys are more or less there will be some problems, kidney phenomenon is also very common, but also because some of the unscientific lifestyle on the kidney caused a great burden, followed by a lot of unusual circumstances , Now a lot of people in order to be able to better protect their own kidneys, will choose some health methods, especially the spa health care, we heard of it.

  Kidney is the most important organ of the human body, responsible for the metabolism, the task of removing toxins, but in real life we have a lot of people have kidney problems, no longer so healthy, and the burden on the kidney are great, we have to Love it, then the spa health care is a very good way to protect the kidneys.

  Men's health spa type and efficacy:

  Cold bath, hot bath and hot and cold water alternate bath therapy

  The water temperature of the spa to achieve different health effects are not the same, in the water temperature below 60 degrees Fahrenheit before the cold water bath, it is best to use a thick towel first dip some cold water to wipe the body, the time is about ten minutes, as in the swimming before the warm Body activity.

  This can be called the body to adapt to the skin and strengthen the effect. The body immersed in cold water, the skin below the small blood vessels contraction, and soon after the expansion, will obviously feel warm. The role of hot water bath on the contrary, the beginning of the blood concentrated in the skin and stimulate the sweat glands, after the body feel more comfortable. Both of the same effect - enhance skin resistance, promote blood circulation and cell viability. Alternating with hot and cold water stimulation, can cause vasodilation and contraction, help to reduce vascular congestion and tissue inflammation.

  Bath therapy

  Spa Step There is plenty of time, it is very suitable for the bath in the home enough warm water, in which you will feel the spirit of relaxation and peace. This method is due to prolonged contact with the skin and water for a long time, especially suitable for drops of bath containing health herbs, natural formula bath with fragrance, flower bath or nutrition bath. Bath therapy not only relieves the mood pressure, but also on gynecological menstrual disease and circulatory dysfunction have a significant effect.

  Mobile therapy

  Mobile hydrotherapy and water acupuncture massage is the most effective and most popular one. The body in the water completely relax the muscles, strong water can shoot any part of the body for massage, for decompression, weight loss with the treatment of various types of civilization are helpful.

  Whirlpool therapy

  Whirlpool is the use of more soft vortex water to wash the body, this wash method can achieve the treatment of joint, connective tissue injury effect, including some neurological diseases.

  Rinse therapy

  Spa Step We often wash the shower is a kind. Rinse therapies with jet and spray for spa treatments in many ways, including high-pressure shot hoods, pulsed shower heads, fine spray nozzles such as needles. This method for local treatment than the body bath effective, but infants and young children should not be used

  With the popularity of spa knowledge, many people like to do their own spa at home, but you must also find that at home to do their own spa process is very cumbersome, so fast-paced you do not take some time to the living room of the spa room to do the next comprehensive The spa health care can also make your body more relaxed.