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Spring Spa Cover Should Pay Attention To What?
- Jun 20, 2017 -

Spring Spa Cover should pay attention to what?
First, let's take a look at the health care mechanism of the spa. Traditional spa bath is the people in the special wooden room, in the hot stove on the unique rock, so that the temperature reached 70 degrees or more, and then to the rock a small amount of water, so that the impact of steam, this way For the dry steam bath.

Spa bath can speed up the blood circulation, so that all parts of the body muscles are completely relaxed, to eliminate fatigue, restore strength, glowing spirit of purpose. At the same time it is rheumatism, arthritis, low back pain, asthma, bronchitis, neurasthenia, etc. have a certain effect. In addition, the traditional spa bath has its unique health care effect, the work of the tired people, but also a high level of enjoyment and leisure. In the high temperature environment can make the skin deep produce heat effect, the body's capillaries have been expanded, the body sweating much greater than the usual general activities.

This kind of fun a lot of sweating is conducive to draining the body of a variety of garbage, but also conducive to the elimination of the disease. As the body repeatedly hot and cold dry steaming, blood vessels continue to shrink and expansion, exercise physiology called blood vessels gymnastics, so it can achieve enhanced vascular elasticity, the role of prevention of hardening of the arteries. Spa Cover bath is in a static state of high temperature environment, through the body a lot of perspiration consumption of subcutaneous fat, so you can comfortably lose weight.

When the body a lot of perspiration to eliminate subcutaneous dirt, can improve the permeability of epidermal cells, activation of cells, get skin care, anti-aging effect. In the course of Spa Cover, the body constantly absorb the unique rocks on the furnace exudes self-interest in the health of trace elements, the effect of prevention of disease.
Spa Cover products wholesale / folk "tree care to take root, support people need feet" proverb, with the temperature gradually reduced, like before going to bed with hot feet more and more people. With hot feet, not only can promote the foot blood circulation, reduce local muscle tension, but also to eliminate fatigue, improve sleep great benefit. Chinese medicine believes that the foot is the foot of the three Yin Jing, foot Sanyang by the beginning and ending point, and all the organs of the body are closely related to the meridians, with hot feet, you can play to adjust the function of organs, enhance the role of physical fitness.

Life, Spa Cover products wholesale / some people used to foot bath when the feet soaked, and that the higher the water temperature, the better the effect. In fact, the foot bath water can not be too hot to 40 ℃ or so is appropriate. This is because: on the one hand, the water temperature is too high, the legs of the blood vessels tend to over-expansion, the body more blood flow to the lower limbs, easy to cause heart, brain, kidney and other vital organs of blood supply, especially for cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases Friends, it is tantamount to worse; the other hand, the water temperature is too high, easy to damage the foot skin surface of the sebum film, so that the stratum corneum dry or even chapped.