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Starting From The Beginning Of Winter Warm Spa Step Walk
- Oct 26, 2017 -

Starting from the beginning of winter warm Spa Step walk, you want the body really warm up, alone is not as good as from the inside out, their fever. For the autumn and winter season to prepare the "winter warm heart spa trip", the East and West body skin care characteristics together to solve the dry or edema of the skin condition, aromatic heating, promote systemic blood circulation, effective discharge of toxins and balanced moisture.
It is understood that Montessori mud contains Montesiri hot spring water, cypress, lemon, fennel essential oil, ivy, aesculus, black horned algae, elderberry essence and other essential ingredients, natural mineral components can gradually release the heat, help So that we worry about the fat metabolism, while a variety of aromatic essential oils synergies, excluding water and toxins. So that the skin is fully released, so that the texture becomes smooth and compact. The hotel's "warm heart spa trip", first wrapped with black horned algae body, wrapped with blankets, so that detoxification ingredients into the body, and then use the Thai herbal ball Spa Step, so that the body to further relax.
Hot Bamboo Spa Step Thanks to the natural, smooth and comfortable touch of the bamboo, combined with the ability to save calories, supplemented by a therapist, with a long and solid Spa Step technique to help relieve muscle or joint stiffness and promote blood The cycle of slow down hands and feet cold, improve fatigue and completely relaxed and relaxed. Especially for long-term poor blood circulation, cold hands and feet and the need for deep relaxation of the guests.
Hot bamboo Spa Step need to use the length of the bamboo, Spa Step process is used in different sizes of hot bamboo, the smallest hot bamboo for the palm of your hand and the fingers to relax, to massage the main pressure; medium size Of the hot bamboo used to push the shoulder and hand and foot of the tight muscles, play the effect of Shu slow down the pressure; the longest heat bamboo only for the back to relax Spa Step, loaded with force on the hot bamboo, and then through Techniques and essential oils mixed, the heat energy into the skin, smooth blood circulation.
It usually takes about 20 minutes to wait for the bamboo to heat, and the physiotherapist will relax with the hands of the Spa Step in the bamboo heating gap. Hot Spa Spa Step from the foot, with a warm Spa Step oil with the points refers to the press and massage, carding warm feet and legs; Spa Step from the legs to the back, therapists will use the longest bamboo So as to ease the large area of the back muscles, in the waist with a long and dense push to improve the waist acid cold; and in the shoulder by hot bamboo long press to heat penetration to the depths of the muscle, the release of long-term desk strain; The youngest bamboo Spa Step palms and fingers; and finally the soothing head Spa Step end of the course of treatment.
Seasonal alternating easily lead to influenza, enhanced immunity can effectively resist the epidemic virus, essential oil Spa Step back can effectively improve the body immunity, Spa Step after the end of the bubble peach ice cream to consolidate Spa Step effect.
Body accumulation of fat is difficult to eliminate, available rosemary essential oil to do Spa Step to promote the decomposition of fat, regulate the digestive system, Spa Step can drink glass glass beauty.
Modern women are more and more aware of their own. Daily with the same modern men in the workplace to fight, but also with the traditional women to take care of the family old, tired is sure. In this case, it is necessary to regularly reward yourself, let yourself completely relaxed once. The spa Spa Step, apparently became a popular way for women to welcome.
The body bathed in the flowers, the breeze of nature blowing from the side, and then a pair of gentle hands gently Spa Step, the body of the tired to ask, and finally in the flowers to sleep ... ... to do a Indonesia Bali-style Spa Step , All the wear and tear are erased, but also can start a new day.