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Summer Spa Cover Benefits! Summer Spa Cover Actually Have These Benefits?
- Aug 04, 2017 -

Summer Spa Cover benefits! Summer Spa Cover actually have these benefits?
 Summer temperatures are high, people prone to dizziness, limb pain, chest tightness, nausea, loss of appetite and other symptoms, and this time through the Spa Cover, to regulate the body's microcirculation, summer Spa Cover there are many benefits, but some Spa Cover need to know, today to tell you what summer Spa Cover and other Spa Cover knowledge.
Spa Cover is now a lot of young people like a way of health, is popular because there are many benefits of Spa Cover, even in the summer can also be Spa Cover, the following specific understanding of some basic knowledge of the Spa Cover it.
Summer can be spa treatments
Because the summer temperature is high, make it heavier, prone to dizziness head heavy, limbs, lazy, body weight and pain, joint flexion and extension, chest depressed, nausea and spit, loss of appetite and other symptoms, the summer can be through the Spa Cover, conditioning the body Microcirculation, relax the muscles and nerves of the body, effectively avoiding the occurrence of these diseases.
Summer Spa Cover has these benefits
Do not be bitten by mosquitoes
Steamed in the negative ions can effectively get rid of the unique taste of the human body, mosquitoes can not find the target, even if the mosquito bites will not be red from the package. Local reactions will be lighter.
The negative ions in the steam room can effectively get rid of the unique taste of the human body.
Summer Spa Cover attention to what
1, each time the most appropriate 45-60 minutes of Spa Cover, but also according to their own tolerance to do the appropriate adjustments.
2, before the Spa Cover, please first remover, Spa Cover process do not frequent access, to drink the right amount of warm water. 10-24 hours after the experience of the cells in the re-repair and the whole process, do not drink cold food and direct contact with cold water, should not shower, with a towel to dry the body can be.
3, if the spa treatment room in the use of spa bath feel dizzy and discomfort symptoms, should immediately stop using, or appropriate rest and then Spa Cover.
4, 4 hours after the Spa Cover should not shower, spa treatment with a towel to dry the body, 2 hours can not smoke. Do not eat cold food.
5, the first 15 minutes should be the amount of activities, adjust the breath repeatedly take a deep breath, after half an hour, you can lie down or sit, experience the process should maintain a good attitude, mind and body to relax. The body appears to the whole body reaction, if you can not stand, you can leave the rest room to relax until the symptoms disappear after the new or consult the relevant personnel, after experiencing continued sweating is a normal phenomenon, should let the pores gradually closed.
Spa treatment room bath towel how to choose
Spa Cover is one of the most popular recreational activities in the autumn and winter season, because the high temperature of the Spa Cover will give us the cold air to bring a trace of heat, so that people enjoy the comfort.
And bath towel is an important care of water care products, Spa Cover when to choose how to make their own steam Spa Cover is more comfortable and more comfortable it.
Bath towel is an important thing on the goods, we are in the steam bath care or after the meal is to use, then how can we choose a better bath towel it
 Thick bath towel absorbent, wrapped from the body is also very warm. But if too much will be in the cleaning time to worry about. Not easy to rub, not easy to dry. So to choose thick and light large bath towel.