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Summer Spa Cover Can Be Beauty Detoxification
- Sep 30, 2017 -

Spa Cover Detox is usually done with the subsequent aromatherapy massage. A complete set of Spa Cover detoxification process is generally in the bath, exfoliating, mud, the use of high-tech spa bath of cold and warm water for the guests lying on the bed of the body to do the body to stimulate the body to show active cells, and then with the way Professional massage, keep the cells in good condition, accelerate metabolism and circulation, to detoxification, consumption of fat, weight loss purposes. The most suitable for the body circulation is not smooth, easy to swollen people.
According to statistics, many women do not love sports, but they want to have a healthy and beautiful appearance and inner. These lazy, but beautiful women, by the Spa Cover machine or massage, and then to achieve the "lymphatic drainage detoxification" role, is quite a good choice.
However, not a Spa Cover can clean all the toxins in the body, because each person's metabolic capacity is different, usually at least two months or so, in order to the old toxins out. If the metabolism of bad people, or to try to take low salt food, if you can, the best day to walk a little way to walk, so that the body sweating, to achieve the effect of exercise. Although modern people seeking fast, but the physical changes are not a day or two, must maintain normal living habits, and become a way of life, can be non-toxic light.
Step 1 Spa Cover Conditioning Skin: 2-3 months before marriage.
Each prospective bride will meet your private beautician for three months before the wedding. According to your personal skin condition, you will be able to carry out conditioning and deep cleansing of the Spa Cover, such as acne, blackhead, etc. If your skin is Sensitive, will have to carry out anti-sensitive training and sedative ease. A lot of MM usually wash your face is not in place, can not remove the skin dirt, it will cause a heavy burden on the skin, long down lead to the whole face looks dirty, So, the bride's first thing is to Spa Cover conditioning the skin to a gentle state, this step is very important.
Step 2 Spa Cover Nutrition Whitening: 1 month before marriage.
This period is to focus on the skin to add nutrition and make a whitening. The skin has its own skin protective film, also known as the natural sebum film, which protects the skin from external contamination, maintains skin balance, strengthens the skin's various moisturizing, elastic functions, relieves the skin's physiological functions and various skin troubles. But in the Spa Cover cleansing when the natural sebum film is easy to be damaged, nutritional supplements is to protect the skin as a protective film. Summer exposure will make the bride's sunburn, dark spots and wrinkles, as soon as possible to restore white and soft, so do nutrition at the same time with whitening products, strengthen the metabolic function, promote the rapid discharge of excess melanin. Make a bride and tender bride!
Step 3 Spa Cover Hold Status: 1 week before marriage.
Marry this week, you must be troubled by a lot of trivia? Worried that their skin will be affected? It does not matter, the main task of this week is the basic Spa Cover replenishment, if too many times into the beauty salon, you can apply a mask at home every day, do not do any other projects. Because this stage of your skin after two months of centralized conditioning, has shown the best state. Spa Cover any excess action will affect the stability of the skin, if over-maintenance, accidentally stimulate the skin, acne to reproduce or sensitive redness, it really worth the candle. So, a week before marriage, a daily replenishment mask, do the basic skin care, the rest is waiting for the arrival of that good day.
Step 4 Spa Cover Body Exfoliating: 1 day before marriage.
Now many brides have chosen to worry about the wedding dress, if the aging of the stratum corneum is too thick, then the skin will be rough, dull, no shiny, not smooth, not delicate, so to Spa Cover horny is the bride will do homework Oh.
Spa cover Whole body exfoliating can be used bath method, generally there are three ways, Rose bath, milk bath and petal bath. With essential oils with horny cream to gently metabolize the aging horny, while fragrant essential oils to achieve full whitening, delicate skin rejuvenation effect, and by exfoliating action to stimulate the microvascular circulation, but also allows the skin to achieve purification. Finally, do not forget the Spa Cover deposited on a layer of essence, so that the body's skin to show supple texture, make you a new look!