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Summer Spa Step Can Be Beauty Detoxification
- Sep 06, 2017 -

Summer Spa Step can be beauty detoxification
Foot Spa Step is not fresh, it is said that the emerging foot Spa Spa detoxification method can be completely discharged from the body toxins, but also from the foot bath stains analysis of physical problems. Whether the detoxification is open to question, but recently in Hong Kong and Shenzhen have appeared in such a foot, the use of micro-current and ion water on the foot soak and massage, can remove fatigue and improve the foot problem.
Summer Spa Step can be beauty detoxification:
Spa Detoction is usually done with the subsequent aromatherapy massage. A set of Spa Step detoxification process is generally in the bath, exfoliation, mud, the use of high-tech spa bath of cold and warm shower for the guests lying on the bed to do the body to stimulate the body to stimulate the body showing an active state, Professional massage, keep the cells in good condition, accelerate metabolism and circulation, to detox, consumption of fat, weight loss purposes. The most suitable for the body circulation is not smooth, easy to swollen people.
According to statistics, many women do not love sports, but they want to have a healthy and beautiful appearance and inner. These are afraid of lazy, but the beauty of women, by Spa Step machine or massage, and then to achieve the "lymphatic drainage detoxification" role, is quite a good choice.
However, not a Spa Step can be all the body of the toxins row clean, because each person's metabolic capacity is different, usually at least two months or so, in order to the old toxins out. If the metabolism of bad people, or to try to take low salt food, if you can, the best day to walk a little way to walk, so that the body sweating, to achieve the effect of exercise. Although modern people seeking fast, but the physical changes are not a day or two, must maintain normal living habits, and become a way of life, can be non-toxic light.
All organs within the body are interacting with the skin's reflective area, so that the hydrotherapy water bed can produce a healing effect during the course of treatment. For specific treatment purposes, different spa procedures can be combined. From the skin to absorb a variety of minerals and rare trace elements to restore the internal balance of cells; and then by the lymphatic circulation of the penetration and stimulation, remove toxins, with the effect of continuous recovery of physical fitness.
Spa Step beauty products and tools:
In the professional Spa Step venues, according to the characteristics and advantages of each family, the use of beauty products and tools will be focused on the instrument. Take the DAY Spa Step, for example, the care links usually include soothing, deep cleansing, key care (such as moisturizing, whitening, compact, etc.) and aromatherapy, massage and so on.
The products used vary according to the focus of the nursing program, involving a wide range of categories, including common facial and body care products such as massage oil, mask, etc., involving the body parts are also very comprehensive, from head to toe can take into account, for example, except the most common Facial and body care outside the hair care, nail care, meridian care and so on.
If it is DIY Spa Step, the most commonly used products, of course, include massage oil (cream, milk) and mask and essential oil, but because there is no professional help, do not recommend everyone's own massage, you can put the oil on the soaked Warm water, soften the horny after the basic cleaning and focus on exfoliating massage.
Spa Step 3 hours before drinking any alcoholic drinks. Spa Step before and after drinking plenty of water, most people do not add enough water every day, especially busy careless men. To improve comfort, should be shaved before receiving facial care. It is advisable to take the shower and enjoy the steam and sauna before taking the Spa Step. In the massage treatment, you can choose whether to use disposable underwear. However, when receiving a water treatment, please wear disposable underwear.