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Taisheng Annual Meeting Of 2019
- Jan 17, 2019 -

The Taisheng Annual Meeting was hosted last Saturday, we have many partners here to attend the meeting. We all enjoyed it. Thanks for those who prepared the meeting for a long time. Also many thanks to our customers and partners who support with each others for many years. We believe we will have further cooperation in the future.

At the beginning of meeting, we summarized the grade of last year and some aspects which we have not do the best, so that we could improve our service to satisfying our customers and the supplies. And certainly we would keep the best quality spa covers and other accessories as we always do, this is the base of a company.

Taisheng Annual Meeting

Next part was our special show party which we prepared for many weeks. We all excited and expected of this part, we want to see the different aspects from when they are in working. They all perform the best and deserve the encourage and reward. After this, we all danced and sang for the party.

Taisheng Show

At last, about the plan of this new year, we would continue to manufacture the best quality products with our customers’ orders and try to upgrade more products to meet more needs, like the new lifters, new steps and etc. We would find out what we could do better compare to last year, then we think out many ways to provide the best service and keep a long-term relationship with our customers. Looking forward to cooperate with more and more customers, to support them with our best quality products.

Hope everything goes well with you and your business.