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The Last Container In September
- Sep 26, 2018 -

As we know that September is almost end, and October is coming. Today we will have a container for spa covers to load. It is the last container in September. And we have prepared all the spa covers on the loading path last night, with well-protection and place in orders.

two spa covers.jpg

On the early seven o'clock, the car has arrived in the factory and we were also waited for them there. The container was picked carefully by our arrangement. It has no damage of it. We always provide the best service for our customers, so we will also pay more attentions on this. To keep the covers safe to our customers.

prepare for loading spa cover.jpg

After confirm the details of covers and the files, we arranged and started the loading. There are about 150 spa covers, but with the help of fork lifts, we finished in about one hour. Then we deal with the files with agent and keep eyes for the cargo for our customers.

spa cover loading.jpg